Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hearts are Cool - so are GIANT Hearts

Well gosh, everyone has been posting about Valentines Day so I guess I will too.  Valentines Day this year was on February 14, 2011.....ha ha ha. I asked my dear Watson to get me one of those little heart shaped boxes of chocolates (the ones that have 4 chocolates in them), and instead, he got me a GIANT heart shaped box of chocolates, a microwave cover and a six pack..... of Propel - AND he stayed under our budget.

We have been married for almost 9 months now, and although the adjustment to us and we has been difficult for this independent and stubborn girl, I keep having these moments where I look at my husband in utter amazement and think ..."you married me?" I wish I could articulate what I want to say about my dear Watson in a way that wouldn't go too deep for all you weak stomachs out there, but would still do him justice.  Basically, I'm so glad it was in Heavenly Father's plan to bring my dear Watson and I together again, because I think with him by my side I might actually become something close to the person I'd like to be.  I live with the most Christ-like person I've ever met, and I hope to be able to equal him in greatness. I mean, I think even if a person searched and searched, they would never be able to find something mean to say about my dear Watson. He is just good.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: my husband's better than your husband :).

Anyway, I made a Valentine decoration out of candy canes! Ha! Isn't that funny? I just glued them right on to some white paper and cut it down to fit this frame. Then I hot glued some ribbon on the frame (actually that was already done from a previous project), I pushed some pins in the wall (because we don't have nails), and I hung them up!.  How's that for a tutorial?  Even though there is an earthquake in our house 4 or 5 times a day (from our construction neighbors) the pins have held their own - my candy cane heart frames haven't fallen off yet!  Happy Valentines Day!

Ugh, I'm too lazy to rotate this then re-upload it. This is why I'll never have a famous blog - famous bloggers would never post an un-rotated picture. That's the ONLY reason :).
 I put a chocolate kiss on it so you could get an idea of how GIANT my  heart shaped box of chocolates is! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have been copying other blogger's ideas lately. We all do it: and even though we didn't come up with the idea ourselves, we feel really happy when we see the finished product. Am I right? Tonight I made Chicken, Bacon, Avocado Quesadilla's from kevinandamanda.com.  Even though I was mortified as I cubed the raw chicken, and then disgusted when I cut the avocado, and then almost threw up when I tore the bacon in pieces, and gagged when I sauteed the scallions - they turned out pretty good.  There were just WAY too many smells going on for me to enjoy the cooking process. I have an extremely sensitive nose - I can smell things from miles away. In the end the only thing that grossed me out about eating the quesadilla's was the avocado. That squishy texture was just not doing it for me tonight I guess. Click Here to see Amanda's recipe and a lovely picture.

I also made these cute yarn pom-pom's. I think I love pom-pom's. When I decide to get rid of a few more of my shirts I have great plans for a t-shirt pom-pom which idea I also copied from someone else.  I hung these little guys in the bathroom and when my dear Watson informed me there was something growing in the bathroom, I thought he meant fungus (because that IS growing in our bathroom). He said "no, fuzzy colorful round things." I can't remember which blog I got these from - sorry. 

 This is my favorite. I have always DREAMED of making a wreath and today it is finished. I copied this idea from my sister - in - law over at poppiesatplay.blogspot.com.  The rosettes are made out of red duck tape (duct tape?). I purposely wanted to include some silver roses, but the original plan was to have the silver bunch on the bottom left hand corner of the wreath. I got a hot-gluin' and before I knew it I had already glued red rosettes where I wanted the silver ones. So I had to change my plans. Cute don't you think? And talk about easy! Click Here! to see Andy's tutorial about these awesome duck tape wreaths.