Monday, June 16, 2014

Beautiful Things

We had a great weekend.  On Thursday we went to The Flatbread Co with some friends from my dear Watson's program.  It's a pizza place...kind of a weird pizza place. Your only options are 5 different sauceless pizzas (who wants a sauceless pizza?) or like 3 different one topping pizzas. But don't worry, they have nitrate-free pepperoni. (What the heck is nitrate?)

Friday night we watched the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was a good movie. Definitely a little weird, but overall one of my favorite Ben Stiller roles.  

Saturday we went to the Eastern Promenade. It's about 10 minutes from our house - just a paved walkway along the ocean. There were a lot of sail boats out that day.

What's the Polar Express doing here?

Arghhhh a pirate ship!  It looked like it was about to tip over, but there were people on it like they were getting ready to sail.

A few cool looking sail boats.


Sunday after dinner we went to Kettle Cove with our next door neighbors (who are also our 3rd cousins). Kettle Cove is a little beach area, and parking is free. Most beaches charge for parking and/or entrance fees. Lame. Anyway, the neighbors have a one year old little boy and he loved splashing around in the water.  It was fun to watch and crazy to think that someday Redd will be splashing around in the water too.

We saw tiny little crabs like this:

And TONS of hermit crabs of all sizes, like this:

I discovered that I'm not really that thrilled about touching things like crabs and hermit crabs.  So I didn't.  Maybe someday I won't mind. I'm getting used to poop and pee, so I might get used to shelled creatures.

Redd is doing well.  He's the best. We're still in shock that he's ours.  He eats every 2 hours while he's awake, but every 3-4 during the night. It's amazing how good it feels to get 3 straight hours of sleep.

side note:  The Walmart here is HUGE. 3 entrances!
We're loving it here, and as the weather improves, it just gets better and better. As we walked around the beach Sunday evening and the sun began to set I was reminded of many an evening/morning spent at the beach in New Zealand.  Something about that scene speaks to my soul. I love to be next to the ocean with wind blowing my hair and watching the sun set or rise. Breathing in that ocean air takes me to a happy place.  Thanks to God for creating such beautiful things. 

Kettle Cove

Saturday, June 14, 2014

When it Rains

Last week my plans to go on a walk everyday were fuddled by the rain.  Finally by mid-week I just had to get out of the house, so Redd and I went on a walk anyways.  I decided if it's going to rain everyday, we've just got to get used to doing stuff in the rain.  We explored Back Cove - a 3.63 mile loop around a cove  (I didn't do all 3.63 miles this time). The tide wasn't in, so there wasn't any water, but it was still cool.  I can't wait to go back.

On the other hand, when it doesn't rain, you can do all kinds of stuff like eat lunch on the deck at Silly's, walk around Old Port for the festival, and go to a Portland Sea Dogs baseball game. There is always something going on in this city, I love it.

Here are some pictures:

Back Cove
The trail takes you to the bridge you see in the distance.

The trail is a sandy dirt/gravel - good for the knees.

That's downtown Portland on the other side of the cove.


The food wasn't that great, but it was a fun experience. I guess if you name your place Silly's, you can do whatever you want.  The waiters all looked like they just rolled out of bed, and everything was so colorful. The menu, napkins and salt and pepper were in this little pink lunch box on our  table. The water cups were as big as the play kitchen cups.  When our waiter brought our check it had a rock paperweight on it that said You Rock, and here's a picture of the pens they give you to sign the receipt.  So silly.

There's a bike in that tree.

Ew. Random guy photo-bombed us.

Tiny cups!

Old Port

Old Port is downtown Portland. There are lots of shops and restaurants and it's right up against the ocean.  It was 81 degrees and humid this day, so we were kind of sweatin'.

Portland Sea Dogs
I really enjoy the atmosphere of baseball games.  We met some of my dear Watson's classmates at the game and really enjoyed getting to know them.

The mascot is a Sea a dog with flippers for feet, I guess?
 Redd is one month old now!  He's growing up so much.
A smile!!

My good from Lauren from high school made and sent us this quilt. It is sooo cute, and he looks good in it, huh?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Every Day a New Day

Remember last post when I made this comment:

"He eats and then sleeps or sometimes he likes to be awake looking around, but I don't have to always hold him in order for him to be happy."

It's like he knew I posted that and wanted to prove me wrong. I have a strong-willed son, that's for sure.  He may have his daddy's looks, but he's got my temperament.  Today I pretty much had to hold him all day long.  He's so seems really painful. Every time I put him down he wakes up and cries.  I feel bad for him because I'm sure it's really uncomfortable. I had bad gas issues all throughout my pregnancy, so I'm not surprised he's got them too. Gas isn't fun, so I feel like he needs his momma to comfort him.

But, it sure does make it hard to accomplish anything. And, it makes it hard to be sane.  I cried some tears right along with him today.  On another note, he did really well last night. Woke up only twice and slept soundly between feedings. I even got to sleep in my bed most of the night instead of on the couch like usual. I usually take him out of our room for feedings and stuff so I don't wake my dear Watson. He's got enough on his plate with school stuff.

Speaking of school stuff, my dear Watson has been gone all day today and won't be home until late tonight.  It's his one day a week of going to the other campus for Anatomy, and he's staying after to study in the cadaver lab.  Sad day.

Well something I'm learning is that with a new baby, each day is a new day.  Just because he was good yesterday doesn't mean he'll be good today, and just because he was bad today doesn't mean he'll be bad tomorrow.  It's kind of the only thing that gives me relief during these rough hours.  Tomorrow might be different.

And, that fact that he's so cute.

His cute little hand!

I thought this outfit was adorable.  It didn't take long for him to get poop all over it and my outfit though :).