Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oh Canada and Other Good News

Wow. My dear Watson went to University of New England (Maine) last weekend to interview for their PA program.  Yesterday they sent him an acceptance letter!  We're very excited and grateful to definitely have at least one option already.

Maine is super far away, but it would be a fun adventure. Their program starts in June 2014 and goes every semester for 2 years. Most other programs start in August and are about 2 1/2 years, which allows for a few breaks here and there.  So this particular program would be fast and rigorous.  I can see how that could be good and bad.  I was hoping to be able to stick around during the summer to join our families in family reunions etc. before we head out.

So we'll see.  If we do get other options we'll be grateful to have a choice, if we don't, we'll gladly move to Maine next June.  It will all work out. I'm just glad we have a future. It feels awesome.

I got to spend a week in Canada recently.  I was in Montreal for a business conference for a few days, and then flew to Toronto to hang out with my sister Betsy. She has 4 kids and is such a good mom. She is really good at playing with her kids (like toilet tag, and skylanders) and finding cool projects for them to do. They watch very little TV and still manage to fill their day.  At family prayer Betsy took a moment to mention each of her 4 kids and something she was grateful how Afton skips when she walks. I thought that was such a good idea - it helps the kids know mom loves them and I think it helps mom realize how much she loves her kids.  It's not like the mom life is easy peasy, but from my observation, it's a great life.