Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wind on the Water

The other day my 2 year old nephew Brigg talked to me on the phone. I couldn't understand what he was saying at first, so I was just talking to him like you would talk to a little boy. Then Hannah helped me understand: "come our house." How could I deny that? He melted my heart, and we made a trip to Logan to come to his house. It was a lot of fun. We played games with Hannah and Kendall and then the next day we spent a couple hours at Bear Lake. It was windy, of course, and our shade canopy broke. By the time it broke though we had had our fun and were ready to come home.

The next day my dear Watson and I went boating with our good friend Paul. It was also very windy, and we didn't do much other than stay on the boat and switch off on the jet ski's. It was still fun for me, because I just like to be on a boat and work on my tan.

I live for the weekends. We just had a day off for Pioneer Day, and I already forgot. I complained to my dear Watson today that I need a day off. He just looked at me funny and told me I just had one. Starting August 9th I start working overtime until August 21st. No days off. Next day off: Labor Day!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Almost HOME

In no particular order, this is where my dear watson and I live:

These are the pictures hanging above our couch in the living room. The FAMILY frame is full of random pictures of couches and stairs etc, but it will be filled with pictures of us and our families soon.

This is our kitchen. Gas Stove, no dishwasher, cool clock. This is where we keep our Blend Tec blender from Will It Blend Tom Dixon himself.

This is our kitchen table, thanks to Joe and Andy. It fits perfectly in our little kitchen. When we have company we will lift the other flap and it will be round. Notice we are using camping chairs (thanks Hannah) for our kitchen chairs, something I hate and hope to change soon. I can't even reach my plate because I'm sitting so low.
Oh yeah, this is our full sized portable dishwasher in excellent condition. I found it at a yard sale yesterday for, oh, $15. I didn't forget a zero, I really only paid 15. It works great and adds 2 more feet of counter space. Yay for yard sales.
This is the pile of gifts we need to find a home for. They just sit in our living room for now.

This is my very favorite. My full sized digital keyboard equipped with stand, bench and sustain pedal. It's amazing. I love having it so I can play and sing whenever I want. The WOOT above it is also something Andy made and I bought and her craft market whenever that was.

This is our bedroom. Our closet doesn't have doors because they are the kind that slide, so you can only see half the closet at one time. I had my dear Watson take them off and shove them under the bed. I'll put a curtain over the closet eventually. Mickey and Kiana gave us that dresser.
This is our bed, thanks to my mother. She also made our bedspread which I think is beautiful. It wasn't even very hard to convince my dear Watson to allow a floral print quilt to be our bed spread.

This is our amazing peg board made by Andy. We love this probably more than anything else.

This is our bookshelf, TV and TV stand, as well as a hamper for our blankets. Notice the book my sister-in-law Valerie made us on the left hand side of the TV. This book is amazing and it deserves a spot front and center.

These are our couches. Kameron's brother-in-laws father gave them to us.

It's starting to feel like home. I love being here. Each little thing that gets put together leaves me more and more at ease. We both know that if it weren't for so many kind and generous people in our lives, we would not have a place this nice. Thanks to all of our family who helped us get our home in order. We love you all. We are eager to help you in anyway you need us to, so just give us a call!

My dear Watson just went to an interview with someone from the Bishopric to receive a calling. He called me 10 minutes after he left and said, "I'm going to be here a little longer, I have to go to a meeting now." He's still not home, so I have no idea what calling he got and it's driving me crazy with curiosity.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I am starting to get phone calls all day long mostly from elderly people wondering where their Education Week Class Schedule is, and why they haven't received it. Most of them are pleasant, though some of them are not. Most of these people feel like their Education Week schedule belongs on their night stand right next to their Bible--something to be studied and marked every night for at LEAST a month before the program. I'm getting a little tired of these calls.

The calls aren't always about the schedule though, sometimes I get calls about people who want to make sure they get housing (in BYU dorms) on the first level, because they have bad knees and can't really walk up stairs. Or there's the man who calls to say he needs a room in a building as close to campus as possible because his heels hurt really bad if he walks too far. I get 5-7 of these calls a day. Today though, I got my first:"I need a room close to the bathroom so I don't piddle on the rug on the way to the bathroom like I did last year." She was just happy as could be, very pleasant and thought it was so funny that she 'piddled' on the rug because she was so far away from the bathroom. I REALLY hope the people in charge of assigning dorm rooms honor her request.

While I get calls from the piddlers, bad knees, weak ankles and hard of hearing, My Dear Watson searches for jobs, cleans and fixes the apartment, makes dinner, and today he even got me a white rose and placed it on the kitchen table. He is such a hard worker and so sweet. I love him. We're praying he'll find a job soon that he can enjoy and that can be flexible with his schedule.

Coming soon: Pictures of the apartment, and wedding!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Things

Welcome to our new blog. I have been MIA when it comes to blogging lately. I'm ready to get back into the groove though...and this time, there's more to blog about than just myself. I got married exactly 2 weeks ago and now we have a new family. It feels like we've been married forever. I thought the whole day was incredible and wish I could keep every little piece of it in my memory forever. I'm so grateful to my family and Kameron's family for all their hard work to make everything go just right. My sister Betsy did my flowers and my sister-in-law Valerie did my pictures. They were the best florist and photographer in the world. Our reception was in Kameron's parent's new backyard and it was beautiful--the most beautiufl backyard in the world.

Yesterday I came home from work and my husband had made us Orange Julius's in our new Blend Tec blender. I had been wanting to make some but we kept putting it off and he surprised me. We went camping last night on the Alpine Loop just past Aspen Grove--it thunder stormed in the middle of the night pretty bad. I was scared, because for some reason loud thunder, bright lightning and heavy rain really gets my heart pumping. As I was dripping sweat in my sleeping bag, singing hymns in my head and wondering how fast I could run to my car, my dear Watson just put his face close to mine and put his arm around me and I felt safe. I've always felt safe, and warm, and comfortable when I'm with him and being married has only increased those feelings. He's the best husband in the world. I have definitely seen how I can grow a lot more married to Kameron than I could as a single individual.

I guess today is my 22nd birthday. Kameron and I got so many wonderful gifts from so many generous and loving people for our wedding that I don't need anything else. Its weird to be 22. That's kind of young. Sometimes I think I'm 30, so when people treat me younger than that I get mad :). We are going to look at Yard Sales and then go redeem my free burger coupon at Red Robin after we hang out at the Scottish Festival in our scottish garb. What a great way to celebrate my 22nd birthday.