Thursday, September 5, 2013

PA School News

So we're in the processing of applying to PA (Physicians Assistant) schools.  My dear Watson submitted the applications at the end of August and is working on the last few supplemental applications.

He applied to:

University of Toledo (Ohio)
University of New England (Portland, Maine)
Baylor University (Houston, TX)
Midwestern (AZ)
Northern Arizona University (AZ)
Franklin Pierce University (New Hampshire)
Campbell University (North Carolina)
De Sales University (Pennsylvania)
Wichita State University (Kansas)
Marquette University (Wisconsin)
Harding University (Arkansas)

Our first piece of bad news came a couple weeks ago.  Midwestern said they won't be interviewing (which also means they won't be accepting) him.

Our first piece of good news came on Wednesday.  University of New England wants to interview him!  We booked a flight yesterday so he's headed to Maine next month for an interview!  Interviewing doesn't guarantee admissions, but it's at least a step in the right direction and very encouraging.

Hopefully more good news to come in the future.