Sunday, September 7, 2014

Super Power

Here's a riddle.  It's something I get forced into doing every day, and somehow becomes priority even though I don't want it to be. Although I finish it everyday, if I want to eat dinner there is always more to do the next day. I can't let it sit or it starts to smell. It's taking over my life. What is it?

DISHES. Okay, that wasn't much of a riddle. Oh well. Excuse my language, but dishes suck. To me, the extra cost of paper plates is so worth having fewer dishes. Seriously, it is sooo hard to stay on top of them. (Insert more complaining here because I really really hate dishes).  If I could choose a super power it would be a dish-doing power. With just a wink I would be able to unload and load the dishwasher AND do all the hand wash. 

On another note, this is what we've been up to lately.  

There's a small island just north of us called Mackworth Island. It's home to a school for the deaf and apparently a lot of fairies. There is a trail around the perimeter of the island, and for an on-your-honor $2, you can walk around it and enjoy some great views. There are a few places where you can build fairy houses out of the natural surroundings. There are rules about the houses like they can't be more than 3 feet high and you have to use natural stuff found on the island, etc. We saw some neat ones, but this (above) was definitely the Beverly Hills of fairy houses. Here's a view from the island:

We've been having families over for FHE ( each week. Here are some of the crafts we've been doing for the activity:

Button caterpillars.

Family hand art. Redd's pointer finger isn't really shaped like that. Something went wrong during the cutting phase. 

We visited another nearby lighthouse. You can walk all the way up to it by jumping along the giant rock path that precedes it. Then, on the other side you get a wicked spider show. There are tons of nasty webs and spiders. They ARE the spiders that bit Spider-Man, I'm sure of it.

And as always, Redd has been up to being adorable.

 Resting his feet on the stroller. We were just trying this out around the apartment complex. The straps don't tighten enough, so he isn't quite big enough for it yet.

Those hands are constantly touching and grabbing everything.