Sunday, July 29, 2012

Porter Party 2012!

The student employees in our office basically work in a call center where they get calls all day long about Admissions, Financial Aid & Scholarships etc.  They often refer customers to website or email addresses where they have to spell out the web address or email address. You know, A as in Apple, B as in Ball.  The other day I heard one of the students say, "yeah, it's Z as in xylophone".  I laughed really hard on the inside. 

I was watching Jimmy Fallon's primetime music special on TV the other day, and I decided he is probably pretty fun to hang out with.  My favorite people to hang out with though, are my siblings.  They are so fun.  We have a lot more fun together now than I ever remember as kids because our age differences are pretty big in some cases.  

This was our first ever legit Porter Family Reunion...also known as Porter Party (hence the port-a-potties on our t-shirts).  

Here's a little glimpse of all the fun we had. 

Making Bows and Arrows

Talent Show -- Dancing!

Talent Show - Teletubbies

Talent Show - Synchronized Swimming

Talent Show - Singing and wrapping cars in Caution tape.

Talent Show - Singing!

Talent Show - Mario brothers show.

Talent Show - Balloon head dancing to Bop to the Top (High School Musical). This is my dear watson and me if you can't tell. 

Ta da! My balloon popped :(

Talent show - banjo, ukulele, guitar and singing. 


Waiting for 4 wheeler rides.

My oldest niece and our reunion mascots (owls)

Me and Han getting ready for the 5k.

We're off!

Minute to win it!

Glow dancing!

Fire works!

I love my family. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ruffle-Bum Leggings

The other night i was brushing my teeth and noticed something felt weird. I looked down and screamed....I was using my dear watson's tooth brush! Gross. We've been married 2 years and that's NEVER happened before.

Update on my knee: I can now walk about 90% of the time without pain. I can swim, bike, elliptical, aerobics, weights, yoga, softball, all with out pain or with very little pain.  The only thing I can't do yet? RUN. About 20 seconds after I start a nice easy jog I'm in lots of pain.  Then walking becomes difficult for an hour or so.  Even though I can't do the one thing I want to do most, I'd say this is major progress.

Made some stuff for my friends baby shower:

Pistachio cupcakes with white chocolate pieces on top.  My friend is having a girl, obviously. 

These are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies made in a muffin tin with a dollop of frosting in the middle. These were good....seriously good. 

The cupcakes I put on top of my cupcake holder.  The tulips and chicks are melted white chocolate in candy molds.  Don't mind the pickle jar and ketchup bottle.  Ugh, ugly. 

Probably my favorite thing ever. I made the little pink leggings with a ruffle-butt!  I  refurbished some  clothing I never wore very much.  I'm not really sure how well they will fit or hold up but they are so cute! I found the zebra striped onesie at Walmart...perfect!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I had a Birthday

It seems kind of weird that I’ve been alive for 24 years. I used to think that was old, but now it feels young.  My dear Watson and I realized the other day that I’m only 6 years away from 30, and 6 years ago I was 18.  18 is way young, and 30 seems so grown-up. I had a great birthday with many birthday wishes from all the people I love most; family, life-long friends and co-workers. The best surprise of all was when I came home from mutual my bff Jenny jumped out from my living room. She's been in Georgia for 2 years so I don't get to see her much and had no idea she was in Utah. Thank you everyone for thinking of me today! 

2 weeks ago we celebrated our Anniversary – 2 years of marriage.  Time flies.

We had an awesome week last week at the Porter Family Reunion.  Hopefully I’ll have pictures to share soon. 

My dear Watson had an allergic reaction last week. Swollen ears, and tongue and eventual difficulty breathing. He passed out and hyperventilated at the Dr.’s office and the paramedics came. We’re not exactly sure what he’s allergic to, but we think it might be some shampoo he used at our reunion. We don’t know where it came from, it was just left in the bathroom and he used it. We didn’t know he was allergic to shampoo (if that’s really the culprit). He also went hiking the day before and had strep throat, so it really could be anything.

I’ve been so nervous that it’s going to happen again. I have an epi pen and Benadryl in my purse all the time now, just in case. Mostly I'm just grateful he's alive and that we were at the Dr.'s office surround by people who knew how to help him.  

Not a good picture of either of us, but this was our Anniversary. 

A giant moose we saw on the way back from the family reunion at Timberlakes in Heber. There were moose all over the place during our trip.