Sunday, July 29, 2012

Porter Party 2012!

The student employees in our office basically work in a call center where they get calls all day long about Admissions, Financial Aid & Scholarships etc.  They often refer customers to website or email addresses where they have to spell out the web address or email address. You know, A as in Apple, B as in Ball.  The other day I heard one of the students say, "yeah, it's Z as in xylophone".  I laughed really hard on the inside. 

I was watching Jimmy Fallon's primetime music special on TV the other day, and I decided he is probably pretty fun to hang out with.  My favorite people to hang out with though, are my siblings.  They are so fun.  We have a lot more fun together now than I ever remember as kids because our age differences are pretty big in some cases.  

This was our first ever legit Porter Family Reunion...also known as Porter Party (hence the port-a-potties on our t-shirts).  

Here's a little glimpse of all the fun we had. 

Making Bows and Arrows

Talent Show -- Dancing!

Talent Show - Teletubbies

Talent Show - Synchronized Swimming

Talent Show - Singing and wrapping cars in Caution tape.

Talent Show - Singing!

Talent Show - Mario brothers show.

Talent Show - Balloon head dancing to Bop to the Top (High School Musical). This is my dear watson and me if you can't tell. 

Ta da! My balloon popped :(

Talent show - banjo, ukulele, guitar and singing. 


Waiting for 4 wheeler rides.

My oldest niece and our reunion mascots (owls)

Me and Han getting ready for the 5k.

We're off!

Minute to win it!

Glow dancing!

Fire works!

I love my family. 

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  1. pretty sure u guys have too much fun.... y'all are so creative!!!


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