I met My Dear Watson in the halls of our high school in November 2004. I was sure it was love at first sight, but then it turned out I had actually met him before in a Drivers Ed class we took the summer before. For the life of me, I can't remember him being in that class. We became close friends and after about a year we became more than friends. After high school, he went on a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (we're Mormons).  I thought I would write him faithfully for all two years and we would be married three months after he got home.  It just so happened that two years of not seeing or speaking to him got to me a little, and I decided I'd move on and maybe just marry someone else.  He finally came home and all of a sudden I wasn't so sure I didn't love him any more. It only took seeing and talking to him again for me to remember. Lucky for me, he still loved me too and was willing to forgive me for writing him off.  We were married seven months after he got home from his mission. We both believe very strongly that God had a hand in bringing us together, and keeping us together. I think He knew that my dear Watson would be able to make me happier than any other man on the planet ever could. Together, we are meant for greatness, and we're excited to figure out exactly what that means. 

Me:  The best part of my day starts at 5:00 pm when I leave work and get to come home to my hubs. I love to cook, mostly because I like to try new things and since we have to eat every day, I get to try a new recipe almost every day (but I don't EVERY day...sometimes we repeat meals, of course). I like to homemake things with love, because I'm cheap and if I can make it, I ain't buyin' it.  I do a little bit of couponing and find a lot of joy in being able to save us money on groceries every month. I love to sew and sometimes I even get around to doing it.  I like to push myself to do hard things, so I took up running.  It is one of my favorite things in the world to do. I sing and play the piano and a little bit of guitar (but I'm no pro). I love to celebrate holidays as if I were still a kid, so as soon as we add kids to the family that will actually be a little more appropriate and less weird.  I love High School Musical and every cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie there is. Some people don't know this about me, but I love to dance. And. I'm. Good. At. It. Just ask my siblings. While they're at it, maybe they could tell you how good I am at Charades too (if they can stop laughing long enough to get any words out). 

My dear Watson: I'm going to ask him what he wants me to say here....

Well, never mind. He hasn't told me anything yet so I'll just write whatever I want.  He loves all things football and basketball, and he's a big time BYU fan.  He's studying Exercise Science and is currently throwing around the idea of being a PA (physicians assistant). He fixes cars and well, anything that needs fixing.  He's so helpful and considerate of others.  Our landlord always threatens to give him some fencing jobs (our landlord owns a fencing company) cause he's so useful. He LOVES movies, which he inherited from his father. I wish I could say he loves all kinds of movies, but he still has a brick wall blocking all chick flicks and cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies.  He pretty much saved every penny he ever earned during high school, and that describes his frugality pretty darn well. He's got farmer in his blood so he knows what it means to wake up early and be hard at work (except the wake up early part). He's the only one of his parent's sons that still has hair on his head, and he looks ravishing in a beard. 

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