Sunday, October 14, 2012

Takin' a Break

It was so nice for us to take a break this weekend and have some us time. Here are the dets: (deats?)

Day #1
Stayed in Park City at a cute little condo I found for way cheap (under $60)

Ate dinner at El Chubasco's.

We are weird.

Their salsa bar was amazing. I got adventurous and tried the black salsa of death.  It tasted like mud and dirt someone scraped off a tire after a rain storm.

Day #2
Drove to and stayed at Beaver Creek Lodge, just 12 miles south of Bear Lake. On the way we stopped at Smith and Edwards outside of Brigham City. That store is amazing. The sign on their building says "we've got everything you need.....if we can find it" and that was the truth. It's huge and filled with all sorts of cool stuff.

The lodge we stayed at was awesome. They had a lounge where we played foosball (my dear Watson won), and the manager said we might hear some Elk bugleing at night (is that what Elk's do? Bugle?)  We didn't hear any though.

Ate dinner at La Beau's in Garden city - chicken cordon bleu sandwich: AMAZING!

The next morning we went Horseback Riding across from the lodge.

Our guide took pictures of us while she was bouncing around on her some of them ended up blurry :).
Day #3
Drove to and stayed at The Blue Heron Inn in Rigby, Idaho. On the way we stopped at Pepperidge Farm and got some Gold Fish!

The Blue Heron is a cute little bed and breakfast that some friends of ours own: a couple that my dear Watson lived with while he was a missionary.  This place is so beautiful and I think you ALL should go stay there for a night or two.

The backyard. 
The front yard.
We dug rocks out of a hill and built them into a fire pit, we learned how to make a bed - hotel style and fold bath towels and rags into cool shapes. We also learned how to make eggs Benedict and actually really enjoyed eating it.  We ate dinner at a cool golf shack along the river, and looked at the stars through a big telescope.We saw a bald eagle, lots of cows and cute little kittens!

I drove in to Rexburg and saw the temple and a little of BYU-Idaho...and Walmart.

We watched the BYU game and then drove home!

It was so fun for us to spend time together without the stress of our every day lives.  I love my dear Watson and I loved this vacation!

We're in love.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You'll Never Guess...

They're baaaaacckkkkkk!

Caught 2 mice yesterday in the pantry :(. Running total is 25.

Meanwhile, I'm back to this:

I don't look like that when I run.
I'm just doing 1- 2 miles three or four times a week.  I'm building up slowly so I don't do anything bad.  It feels great to run again.

We're heading here this weekend:
and a few other places too. 

We'll do a little bit of this:
Only we won't wear that silly hat.

And a whole lot of this:

Eating in general, not just eating pasta.

Can't wait!!!