Friday, July 16, 2010


I am starting to get phone calls all day long mostly from elderly people wondering where their Education Week Class Schedule is, and why they haven't received it. Most of them are pleasant, though some of them are not. Most of these people feel like their Education Week schedule belongs on their night stand right next to their Bible--something to be studied and marked every night for at LEAST a month before the program. I'm getting a little tired of these calls.

The calls aren't always about the schedule though, sometimes I get calls about people who want to make sure they get housing (in BYU dorms) on the first level, because they have bad knees and can't really walk up stairs. Or there's the man who calls to say he needs a room in a building as close to campus as possible because his heels hurt really bad if he walks too far. I get 5-7 of these calls a day. Today though, I got my first:"I need a room close to the bathroom so I don't piddle on the rug on the way to the bathroom like I did last year." She was just happy as could be, very pleasant and thought it was so funny that she 'piddled' on the rug because she was so far away from the bathroom. I REALLY hope the people in charge of assigning dorm rooms honor her request.

While I get calls from the piddlers, bad knees, weak ankles and hard of hearing, My Dear Watson searches for jobs, cleans and fixes the apartment, makes dinner, and today he even got me a white rose and placed it on the kitchen table. He is such a hard worker and so sweet. I love him. We're praying he'll find a job soon that he can enjoy and that can be flexible with his schedule.

Coming soon: Pictures of the apartment, and wedding!

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