Monday, June 16, 2014

Beautiful Things

We had a great weekend.  On Thursday we went to The Flatbread Co with some friends from my dear Watson's program.  It's a pizza place...kind of a weird pizza place. Your only options are 5 different sauceless pizzas (who wants a sauceless pizza?) or like 3 different one topping pizzas. But don't worry, they have nitrate-free pepperoni. (What the heck is nitrate?)

Friday night we watched the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was a good movie. Definitely a little weird, but overall one of my favorite Ben Stiller roles.  

Saturday we went to the Eastern Promenade. It's about 10 minutes from our house - just a paved walkway along the ocean. There were a lot of sail boats out that day.

What's the Polar Express doing here?

Arghhhh a pirate ship!  It looked like it was about to tip over, but there were people on it like they were getting ready to sail.

A few cool looking sail boats.


Sunday after dinner we went to Kettle Cove with our next door neighbors (who are also our 3rd cousins). Kettle Cove is a little beach area, and parking is free. Most beaches charge for parking and/or entrance fees. Lame. Anyway, the neighbors have a one year old little boy and he loved splashing around in the water.  It was fun to watch and crazy to think that someday Redd will be splashing around in the water too.

We saw tiny little crabs like this:

And TONS of hermit crabs of all sizes, like this:

I discovered that I'm not really that thrilled about touching things like crabs and hermit crabs.  So I didn't.  Maybe someday I won't mind. I'm getting used to poop and pee, so I might get used to shelled creatures.

Redd is doing well.  He's the best. We're still in shock that he's ours.  He eats every 2 hours while he's awake, but every 3-4 during the night. It's amazing how good it feels to get 3 straight hours of sleep.

side note:  The Walmart here is HUGE. 3 entrances!
We're loving it here, and as the weather improves, it just gets better and better. As we walked around the beach Sunday evening and the sun began to set I was reminded of many an evening/morning spent at the beach in New Zealand.  Something about that scene speaks to my soul. I love to be next to the ocean with wind blowing my hair and watching the sun set or rise. Breathing in that ocean air takes me to a happy place.  Thanks to God for creating such beautiful things. 

Kettle Cove

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful sunset. So cool to be right next to the ocean!


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