Saturday, September 18, 2010

We Been a Fair-in'

Last weekend I had it in my mind that I wanted to go to the Utah State Fair. When I found out it costs $9 per person plus the gas to drive to downtown Salt Lake, I changed my mind. I was kind of sad about it though because it seemed like it would be fun. The next day we went to Macey's (my favorite place) to buy groceries. There was a radio station outside the doors and we almost walked by, but I noticed they had some chapstick on the table that I wanted to grab if they were giving it away free. When we got to the table we decided to spin their wheel. We landed on a WINNER spot and got the last two State Fair tickets! That is luck. Actually it's not really luck because the guy moved the spinner to the WINNER spot for us.

So we went to the Fair and I did everything I could to get all the free things we saw. We even sat through a 15 minutes sales pitch in the blazing hot sun just to say "No Thanks" and then get a free DVD about Gordon B. Hinckley. We watched a 5 minute video about breast cancer and got a cool backpack from the Susan G. Komen foundation. I got my wedding ring cleaned, had chips and salsa, pretzels and dip, kettle corn, and of course I got a couple pens. Oh, and we won that black Jeep you see behind us!!!!! Just kidding. We stopped to watch the Sheep show which turned out to be WAY more interesting than expected. The FFA kids grabbed their sheep by the neck and walked them into the arena. If the sheep wouldn't move forward the kids would stick their fingers up the sheep butt and it would move along nicely. You could tell how nervous these kids were by the way they looked at the judge longingly every time he walked by their sheep. Who knows what he was looking for. He eventually chose a winner and then explained some sheep things about why he chose the way he did. It was cool because the kids raise their sheep from the time they are little and put a lot of work into it. I guess it's kind of like losing a football game or something. In New Zealand they always say there are more sheep than people and I believe it. I saw a lot of sheep butts while I was there but never new you could use your finger to make them move. Cool.


  1. Oh that looks so fun! Keep doing those fun things together, it really keeps things good...

  2. It's called the "go" button, by the way.

  3. Yuck!! I'm never pushing the "go" button. Bleck.

    Yay for free stuff though!

  4. JEALOUS! I so wish I had been there with you guys. Mostly for the free stuff, but the pleasure of your company would have been a nice bonus. :)


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