Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This was my conversation with my nephew Porter yesterday:

(I called Betsy and asked to talk to Porter to wish him a Happy Birthday. Porter comes on the phone and immediately says: )

Porter: Happy Birthday
Me: Hey! That’s what I was going to say!  How are you?
Porter: 5
Me: I know you’re 5, but how is your birthday going?
Porter: Grreat! (he said it just like Betsy would)
Me: What did you get?
Porter: A pirate costume and a movie and a puzzle.
Me: Cool! What movie did you get?
Porter: Um…Cat in the Hat, and I got a puzzle.
Me: Awesome! And are you….
Porter: I can’t say anything very long, so bye!

Apparently he was doing his puzzle when I called and was a little distracted. AND, Betsy told me he didn’t get a Cat in the Hat movie--not sure where that came from. He is hilarious and super cute.

My other nephew Jes got baptized on Saturday. We celebrated his birthday afterward and you should have seen him open presents.  He LOVED everything! He said thank you even before he opened each gift and was just literally in heaven.  One gift in particular he kept saying "I can't believe it!" in utter amazement.  My thought the next day was that he doesn't realize it yet and probably won't for a lot of years, but the greatest gift he got that day was the gift of the Holy Ghost. Learn more about the Holy Ghost HERE.

Coming soon: I'll tell you all about my new favorite things (no, I will NOT be giving all my readers my new favorite things, I'm not Oprah). 

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  1. Your washer and dryer look fantastic! Ben and I did the same thing when we got married and bought some used ones for 50 bucks. They worked great for quite a while.

    So how many nephews and nieces do you have total including Kameron's side? You are one busy aunt!


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