Friday, September 30, 2011

Feeling a Little Fall-ish!

Forgive me a moment while I brag.

My dear Watson is doing SO well in Anatomy.  People are always  cursing the class at BYU and UVU, and word on the street is that Anatomy is MUCH harder at UVU.  As it stands, people keep following my dear Watson around class saying “You’re the smartest guy we know. Please study with us and teach us everything there is to know about myology and osteology and muscles and bones and stuff.” Way to go handsome genius husband of mine. I’m quite sure he’s at the top of his class although he’ll tell you, “nuh uh, everyone is getting 90% and 100% on their tests and quizzes.”  Yeah. Right. To be clear, as long as he does his best I’m proud of him whether he’s at the top or not, but it’s kinda cool when he comes out on top of such a difficult class. What an accomplishment!

All of a sudden the mountains turned red, orange and yellow.  Literally, overnight.  I bought some Halloween Oreo’s (with orange colored cream) to celebrate the onset of fall.  My pumpkin obsession is already starting. My head is reeling with pumpkin things I want to make, and ways to decorate pumpkins. I can’t wait to buy 6 pumpkins to put on our front porch.  Okay, 6 might be too many. Okay, I guess I’ll be lucky if I actually get around to buying 1 : ).  But you can bet I’ll make some time for pumpkin soup, baked pumpkin, pumpkin spice muffins, pumpkin mousse parfait, and YES, a pumpkin pie blizzard from DQ. I may have to eat all of this myself, since I’m pretty sure eating pumpkin is not my dear Watson’s favorite thing.

We had to say goodbye to Julie at the beginning of the week : ( so sad.  It was a blast to have her here and we will miss her and Adam very much. 

I’m excited for what’s happening this weekend.  I’m glad conference comes every six months, because I really start to feel a hunger for the words of the prophet and apostles. I usually finish reading their talks about 2 months before it’s time to hear from them again.  I hope this time I will be blessed to remember well the things I learn.

I’m planning to make a delicious and beautiful cake this weekend—with vanilla cream mousse, homemade caramel and smooth buttercream frosting with pretty designs on top.  Lately, everything I make turns out ugly, so it might be delicious and not  beautiful, but we’ll see!

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  1. Such a smart hubby you have...except for the part that he doesn't like eating pumpkin things:) Do we get to partake of this seriously awesome cake your are plotting?


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