Friday, October 22, 2010

I Made an OWL

Lately I have been having an owl fetish. I think owl's are so cute I can hardly stand it. SO, I decided to try to make my own and this is how it turned out.  It looks like an owl which means I did a pretty good job, I suppose. I made it using Adobe Photoshop. It's just a bunch of shapes all thrown together. I'm bad at choosing colors that go well together, so I got the color scheme from a pre-made color sample from You can sign up for free and download really cool color schemes to upload to Photoshop, InDesign and I think Illustrator (I don't know Illustrator very well and I haven't figured out how to Load Swatches). 

Enjoy looking at my cute little owl! hoooot hoooot!


  1. You are well on your way to becoming a photoshop pro!

  2. That is the best owl I have ever seen!!

  3. Super cute! You are so creative - I have no idea how I would even begin to create such a darling owl. I really like the kuler color samples to. Thanks for sharing!


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