Wednesday, October 6, 2010


On a relaxing and much needed drive up the canyon last Sunday, my dear Watson and I saw a MOOSE.  Strangely, moose are and will always be an indication of God’s love for me. 

The last time I saw a moose, which was my first time ever seeing a moose, was in answer to a prayer that ended something like this:  “oh…and…please help me see a moose.”  I was spending my 13th or 14th birthday (I can’t remember which) at girls camp that year. For me, it was the worst way to spend a birthday. I didn’t like girls camp because of its tightly regimented schedule and uptight rules.  Not to mention the cliques in my ward which I was never included in . As I shed some tears by my cot the night before my birthday, I wondered if it was even okay to ask Heavenly Father for something like a moose. There’s only one roaming the mountains of Camp Shalom girls camp and I reeealllly wanted to see it.

The next morning, on my birthday, there was a moose taking a dip in the lake right by my cabin.  It waited there long enough for me to grab my camera and take a few pictures.  Then it walked away and I never saw a moose again, until last week. Feeling stressed and slightly overwhelmed, I need an escape to nature. Again, I shed some tears and prayed silently that I would be able to feel Heavenly Father’s love for me—to strengthen me and lift me higher. Traffic along the Alpine Loop slowed and I thought for sure someone hit a bicyclist.  My dear Watson spotted the young black moose along the side of the road and we knew immediately that it was the real cause of the stopped up traffic.It moved deeper into the woods as we came around the bend. He froze for a few minutes while we drove by him and took a picture.  

I wasn't looking for a moose this time just some manifestation of God's love, and there it was once again in the form of a Moose. I think He was telling me to remember, and that if He loved me on that birthday at Camp Shalom, He loves me today and everyday. 


  1. You know your Abby if.....

    You can write about a moose and bring people to tears.

  2. What a great post Abby. I love how you see things in a way that not everyone sees. Everytime I see a moose now, I am going to be reminded of you.


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