Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This is the clock I made for Jenny B.F.  She is the smartest math person you’ll ever meet. She’s currently going to math grad school to get even smarter.

First I mixed my own paints until I got a really good Jenny green.  She likes green things.

Then I asked my sister-in-law Andrea to cut the vinyl equations (you should SEE what else Andrea can do!  Check out her amazing talents HERE—trust me, you’ll want to be a follower.)

I used the font called Georgia for the numbers because Jenny lives in Georgia.

Each equation equals the number on the clock in its respective position. I didn’t come up with the equations, I found those on-line. 

My dear Watson helped me put the equations on straight (well he did as much as he could for a person with a chronically crooked perspective), and then installed the clock hands.

Jenny’s cousin David gave me the idea of writing It’s Math Time on the clock because I was worried about how accurately it would keep time (it’s just a clock kit from Joann’s--although I should have bought it from Hobby Lobby because it was cheaper.) No matter what time it REALLY is, it will always be math time.

Then I shipped it to Athens (Georgia, not Greece). 

The best part of all---Jenny LOVES it!  

p.s. I think snow is kind of magical -- the gentle kind, not the violent stuff.


  1. I love it! My mom is a math teacher and I may have to make this for Christmas! What did your sister in law use to cut the letters out?

  2. Amanda: she has a vinyl cutter. She uses illustrator and then prints the vinyl.

    You could use a cricut probably, or order the custom vinyl from someone(my SIL sometimes does custom orders, her blog poppiesatplay.blogspot.com has info about how to contact her.)

  3. What a perfect present! You always do the most thoughtful things. I remember one time when you gave me a journal that you covered in cute scrapbook paper and a jar of prompts for entries in the journal. I still have it!

    I agree that snow is magical. It's make me want to make the business of life stop.

  4. I Loooooooooove My Clock! I just "purchased" a photo shoot at a r.s. service auction and I'm seriously considering taking Christmas card pics with just me and Math Time! You are seriously the BEST.

    P.S. Kam, I don't think your perspective is crooked at all.

  5. Jenny, It's not Kameron's perspective that's crooked, it's MINE! :)

  6. That is so creative Abby! I love the equation idea.

  7. About the stick figures in the post below... I'm so curious as to what she is saying behind her hand!!! And Costco is WAY fun, and where do you live, Provo?
    And who's Jenny?
    And what is your Thanksgiving strategy? Please both sides or switch every year?


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