Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

Halloween was fun. My dear Watson turned into a chicken and I turned into a fried egg.  We ran into some mummies and some old friends. We watched a video of our friend Monte shoving 6 full sized cupcakes in his mouth; it was an amazing trick (watch him do it HERE ).

I taught the Nature merit badge at BYU’s Merit Badge PowWow where I accidentally called on the boy in the blue SKIRT (instead of shirt) to answer a question.  I told the scouts I was going to talk about a plant in Utah that is protected by law, and a nice boy raised his hand and said, “flower?”  I was passing out candy for answering questions after I reviewed them—but I hadn’t asked a question yet. This boy rrreaallllyyy wanted some candy.

I delivered a birthday package to Jenny B.F. (when she receives it I’ll show you a picture—it was homemade with love).  I got mad at FedEx because the store signs were uninformative and confusing. Luckily my dear Watson was there to tell me to take a chill pill and I managed to not be mean. 

I’ve been making real good dinners this week. I came prepared with a two week meal plan and it has made all the difference. Making dinner is fun now that I know what I’m going to make sooner than 15 minutes before I make it, AND I know I have all the ingredients, AND it’s more than just chicken and rice or beef and rice.  I often get frustrated while making dinner because I feel pressed for time, I don’t really know what to make, I don’t have something I need, I drop the cheese grater, cut my finger on the cheese grater etc.  I make grunting noises like a 2 year old.  In the last 2 days the only time I got frustrated (and grunted) was when I realized I would have to wait for the White Sauce Chicken Enchiladas to cool down before I could eat them.  I’m a very patient person though (right, honey?) so it wasn’t that hard….Anyway, I have enjoyed it immensely. It’s amazing what a little bit of preparation can do to lessen stress. 

Oh yeah, check out my Turkey headers (at the top of each section of my blog) and my new blog banner. I made it all by myself.  I even used Illustrator to make that branch with leaves :). It's the only thing I could figure out and it actually wasn't what I was trying to do, but it looked close enough to a branch.  The rest was done using Photoshop.

Yes, he is wearing tights.
Yes, I do have a spatula on my head.
Yes, this is a REAL mummy.


  1. Love the new header--why don't you come up with something for my sad little blog! Good job on the meal plan--I love when I'm organized and can't figure out why I don't do it all the time!

  2. Couple things.
    One. the mummy seems to have left a toilet paper roll attached.
    Two. The skeletons behind the mummy are missing A LOT of bones.
    Three. Every once in a while, there is a capitalized letter on your blog post. First I thought it was weird. And then, my problem solving brain had a thought and I looked and--sure enough---SMILE. So, so clever.
    Fourth. I like the new header as well and have no idea how to do anything on Photoshop. In case you were wondering.
    Fifth. I like your costumes.
    Sixth. I'm glad that you weren't mean to the Fedex folks.

    That's all.

  3. Hannah, those are not skeletons--they're stick figures! (like the one's you draw).

  4. Stick figures..ha ha...and I love the chicken and the egg. I'm totally calling you next year when I am frantically trying to come up with ideas a few hours before a party. You have such cool ideas. Great job on the header! It turned out so cute!

    I vote that the chicken came first.

    word verification is wompop. I'm liking it.

  5. Hannah, that wasn't a couple of things. Very well put though.

    Abby, I always wondered how you made your headers. You're amazing! I need to learn more in Illustrator.

    Kameron, you look like you were a very convincing chicken. Great job!

  6. Val, I pretty much do everything in Photoshop. I don't know how to do much in illustrator.


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