Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fungus in the Bathroom

Have you ever smelled mold every time you walk in your house? It's disgusting. Have you ever seen fungus growing out of your bathroom floor that looked like wide egg noodles? It's disgusting.  Both of these nightmarish species were filling our lives with turmoil since we moved in in December.  The bathroom floor was squishy under our feet and when I started seeing the wide egg noodles coming up out of the floor, that was it for me.  The landlord didn't seem to think it was a big issue, so we worked out a deal where we would fix it (we meaning my dear Watson) and he would pay for the materials.

We started the Saturday before President's day with a mighty plan in place. Tear up the flooring on Saturday, let the mold dry Sunday and then start rebuilding Monday. We didn't have school or work on President's day and had access to a lot of help. Perfect plan.  Well, we DID tear up on Saturday, but due to more mold than expected (including Black Mold) it wasn't dry until the next Wednesday, and the new plywood flooring didn't go in until the next Saturday. Then all the sanding, patching, sanding, patching, painting etc.. Finally, 2 weeks later, the toilet went back in and the lenolium went down. My dear Watson worked so hard for those two weeks to get it ready. I'm really proud. Big thanks to Wayne and Seth (the FIL and BIL) for helping us out.

We slept at 3 different houses in that 2 weeks and by the second night, I was already ready to go home.  It was a long 2 weeks.  But now we have a beautiful bathroom that does not squish under our feet, smell like mold, or grow noodley fungus.  Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone who helped us out!

This is what it looked like under our floor. No wonder it was squishy. See the black mold on the back wall? YUCK
Half of the first layer of plywood is down. Making progress!
Getting closer!
Ta Da! We even got a cute new shelf!  We still need to paint the shelf and add baseboards, but at least we have a toilet!
Just some free stuff I've gotten the past month. Most of this is because I like to write nice letters to companies about their product and they send me free stuff!  That's coffee creamer you see, and it is DELICIOUS in our hot chocolate!


  1. I'm seriously disgusted by the thought of wide egg noodle mold growing out of the floor!

  2. Look at all those post-it notes! I want some.

    Oh...and good job on the bathroom issue.

  3. Uuuh, you forgot to post a few other pictures of the finished bathroom in use. :)

  4. I was at Macey's and saw some egg noodles and guess what I thought of....

  5. Sorry we didn't help! I feel bad! I'm glad it's all taken care of! You are so cool that you write companies and get free stuff!! That's awesome:)

  6. Nasty. Good job fixing things! Awesome free stuff!

  7. I am addicted to hot chocolate. I'll have to try coffee creamer in my hot chocolate!

    Mold is gross! We had to do that to our bathroom too. In fact, your dad helped us. Thank goodness for family!

  8. I really hate mold and fungus. They usually grow in our bathroom's grout, and even on every corner of the tiles. It's a good thing that your bathroom is already fixed. If it wasn’t, those mold can and will aggravate pre-existing medical conditions such as allergies and sneezing problems.

  9. Mold is a no no inside the house. It can directly affect our health through the air that circulates inside. Removing it is never easy and needs a continuous effort. Make sure that your bathroom is well-ventilated and always dry to avoid mold accumulation again.


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