Friday, March 18, 2011

Watch TV

I just wanted to let everyone know that Tuesday, March 22 at 11:05 A.M. (Utah Time) you can tune in to BYUtv (channel 11) and see my mom wearing a really cute outfit. She’ll be sitting next to my dad when they introduce him as the speaker at BYU DEVOTIONAL!!!

That’s the real news (although mom will look really great). Dad’s speaking at BYU Devotional – isn’t he famous—kind of?

I’ll be watching dad speak from the front row, or there abouts, but you can watch from anywhere you want! It will be broadcast live on BYUtv (channel 11 on normal non-cable TV). OR, watch it on the internet, or  Later (in about 2 weeks ish), you’ll be able to read his talk at  I’ll probably do all of the above…a few times.

We’re all real proud of our dad and can’t wait to hear his talk! Check out this link to learn more about his talk:

On another note, my dear Watson proposed to me exactly one year ago today.


  1. That's funny....Kendall proposed to me 7 years ago in two days (dad's b-day, easy to remember).

  2. is your dad's talk online yet? cause i can't find it...

  3. Tina, It doesn't look like it's there yet. I guess maybe they wait until its first re-broadcast before they put it on line? It's being rebroadcast on Sunday (Apr 3) at 8:00 am Utah time, and they do have an MP3 available on


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