Sunday, April 3, 2011

Everyone's a Fool in April

Some of the fam came into town to hear dad speak last week. Betsy and Russ stuck around for a whole week! It was really fun, because of course, they are really fun. Everyone knows it…and so do they.

This is their little girl, Afton. She is so cute I couldn’t stand it.

These are Afton's older brothers, Porter and Reid.
 Everything she said or did just made me want to keep her forever. She is 2 and although her vocabulary is small, she can repeat anything and give you a clear understanding of what she wants or doesn’t want.  A dorable. One night while Betsy and Russ were here, we followed my 16 year old brother around until he parked our mom’s Mazda Tribute at a friend’s house. Then we turned the car on as far as it would go with the spare key mom hides on the outside, put it into neutral, and I steered while my dear Watson and Russ pushed. I thought we were going to die when they pushed me into the road and a car was coming. Don’t worry though, I honked my horn several times to make sure they saw us J.

We pushed the car to a neighboring cul-de-sac and went back home to wait. Maybe 20 minutes-ish later, little bro comes home and says (as worried as we’ve EVER seen him), “Um, I’m pretty sure someone stole the car.”  We played around with him for a while and told him we should probably call the cops, but the call should come from the place the car was last seen. Mom and dad were in Vegas with Donny & Marie so we couldn’t call them at the moment—and that made little bro very happy. My brother-in-law took little bro back to his friend’s house so they could call the cops.  When given the direction to turn at the cul-de-sac “up here”, Russ turned the opposite direction “on accident” and they drove right passed the car. It took little bro a minute to catch his breath and settle in to the fact that the car was NOT stolen, just moved, and by us.  He was relieved—to say the least—and we all had a grand ole’ time.

For April Fool's day I put honey on the doorknob, saranwrap on the shower head and candy in my dear Watson's medicine bottle. He fell for the honey, saw the saranwrap and I had to show him the medicine bottle because he forgot to take his medicine. It was a fun day. This is a picture of my second cousin and I waiting to say the prayers when my dad spoke at devotional!

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  1. That's funny Abby. I didn't try any April fool's pranks, but I fell for EVERY ONE that was pulled on me. My neighbor tied a big rubber snake on a string and then taped it on the bottom of my door. She knocked and I opened the door to see this snake flying in at me and I screamed my head off. It was pretty funny.

    Cute blog revamp BTW


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