Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter and Moving Onward

We are very busy these days. To make it worse we were both sick last week and now my dear Watson is sick again. 

My dear Watson decided to major in Exercise Science. I'm really excited about that. I had been hoping all along that ES would be his choice.  I think he will really like it and he'll be so good at it.  He's not sure yet the exact direction he wants to go, but we'll figure that one out a little later. 

I got a temporary calling from the Stake Presidency to be a Stake Girls Camp Specialist. It should be a really fun,  busy calling. Girls camp is the first full week in July and they go to a place in the mountains nearby called Camp Shalom. I went there when I was a Young Woman every year for girls camp.  I never loved girls camp, but I'm already feeling like I'll have a much better experience as a leader.   

We decorated some Easter eggs with our nephews and we hid each other's Easter baskets around the house to celebrate. We also attempted to give a really great lesson about the Resurrection in primary, but our 3 year old Sunbeam's must have eaten way too much candy because they were definitely NOT interested.  

I'm ready for a vacation. Hey! We've got one planned a week from Tuesday. Washington D.C./Maryland: HERE WE COME!

This is what we look like.

These are monsters. 

Luke made a really scary monster.
Being a little weird.


  1. I am so jealous of your little vacation. I've always wanted to go back to Washington D.C. The east has a different feeling than the west. Have so much fun! Glad you finally get a break!

    And thanks for always commenting on my blogs! It makes me so happy to see your comments.

  2. Sorry you've been sick! Congrats on the major though! That's awesome!

    Have a great trip!!!


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