Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It turns out, I wrote about Goals

I made a list 2 weeks ago. A "Things to do this Summer" list.  So far, 4 things are crossed off (because we actually did them) and one thing is Xed out (because we didn't do it, and it had a time constraint). I love reaching goals, it feels so good. Speaking of goals, I think now is a good time for me to bust out the New Year's Resolutions and see how I'm doing. I usually do really well because I don't believe in setting goals that I'm not serious about reaching. I also have a hard time sharing my goals with other people, because I don't want to be held to anyone's standard but my own. If I share with you my goal to sing a song every time someone knocks at my door, and you come a knockin, I don't want you to think I'm a failure because I forgot to sing. I'd rather quietly remind myself of my goal and do better next time, without any outside pressure--lest I begin trying to fulfill my goal to live up to everyone else's expectations, and no longer because it brings ME satisfaction.

Granted, some goals are easier to keep when you have a partner to help you; for example, my goal to become the best ballroom dancer in the world would be impossible to keep without filling in my dance partner. However, most of the goals I set for myself are just quiet victories that give my life purpose and meaning--not grand occasions that make me miserable because I can't reach them. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of dream big. But I'm also a fan of picking dreams on which I actually intend to follow through. Fulfilling our dreams takes time--it's one small victory at a time, and I don't want to forget about the small victories!

That was a strange conversation with my keyboard. My fingers just spoke for themselves. I wasn't intending to write about that but I did.

Enjoy some pictures of the things we have crossed off!

Fishing. This is actually a work in progress because we have to fish at least 4 times this summer  to make our fishing license worth it, and we're at 2 so far. 

Rock climbing. The real goal was to rock climb at the Quarry (and then I found a deal for the Quarry on Citydeals which was awesome!) but we had the opportunity to go rock climbing outside which is better. We'll go to the Quarry (an indoor rock climbing gym) later.

Rent a tandem.  This was SOOO fun.  I almost killed us twice when I tried to be the driver, so we let Kameron stick to the front. I was good at the back. 

We couldn't get a picture of us AND the bike. We tried real hard.  

I love this picture. See the airplane? See his determined face? This is one of our Sunbeams. We had a pizza party at our house because they were so reverent for the last 3 months.  We don't have toys so we had to make paper airplanes and throw them of our deck. This wasn't a goal, just something I wanted to show you. 

I made a bagillion cookies for my little bro's Eagle Project. I had to mix the wet ingredients in 3 different sections because it wouldn't all fit in my little Bosch mixer. I had to mix the dry ingredients in my two biggest mixing bowls. 4 hours and 40 minutes later, we had a LOT of cookies.  All because I love little brother. 

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  1. Have you caught any fish yet? I love setting goals too! I like stretching myself.

    Those cookies look so yummy. What was Caleb's project? Does he get to count the 4 hours you spent making cookies?


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