Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Almost Black Friday Time!

I just read something that said Black Friday is going to have the most, and best deals it has had since 2008.  *YAY*.  I don’t like shopping-- mostly because it takes too long and everything is too expensive and I don’t like the massive crowds of inconsiderate people (especially at WalMart).  BUT, I do love a good deal (and a good tradition), so I look forward to the chaos of Black Friday with hope that I’ll find something cheap enough to actually spend my money on. I’m in the market for some new boots (I’m hoping for a 2 pair deal), and a TV. We’ve been saving up so my dear Watson’s dream of owning his own big TV can finally come true. Although, we rarely get a single channel we can watch due to bad antenna reception. I kind of think a bigger TV is only going to make that more depressing. I’ll also be shopping for Christmas presents for friends and family—it’s always easier to buy things for other people than for myself.

I ended up with 5 pumpkins! I think pumpkins are the best way to celebrate fall.  Here’s me, like a little girl at the pumpkin house on 1600 North.

You gotta look at a close up of this picture. What. a. face.

I’ve always wanted to buy pumpkins from that nice old man, and now that the city is trying to shut him down, I figured this year was a great time to give him my business. I was in heaven. We spent $5 and got 3 babies and a toddler sized.  Then our nice landlord gave us a big one from his garden.  

My dear Watson had a birthday on Tuesday. Poor guy had to spend almost the whole day and night at school.  I wanted to surprise him by decorating our front door before he woke up in the morning.  I was so excited as I placed the last balloon on the door that he didn’t wake up! I actually, finally, was going to really surprise him.  I took a step back to admire my work, and saw two giant eyes staring at me from the little window on the door.  I screamed like I was being mugged and then we had a good laugh. So, I didn’t surprise him after all—but he sure surprised me.  I got him a few lame presents (because I bought him an Ipod Touch this year which kind of counted as a lot of presents) and I called him a lot to say happy birthday.  He had a root beer float (thanks Hannah and Kendall!) at the end of the night to top it all off. 

His best fake surprise face.    

My dear Watson met me at the Creamery on 9th after a long run a few Saturday's ago and we got free blue pancakes for Homecoming!

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake. It literally tasted like a pumpkin pie in a cup. SOOOOO delicious.

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