Thursday, November 3, 2011


Our friends Sandi and Brent called us up and said they had tickets to a couples retreat at CLAS ropes course that they weren’t going to be able to use. She offered them to me and I said sure, thinking it sounded like it might be fun.  It turns out, it was a lot more than fun and this was no small gift. We spent 5 hours on all the CLAS Ropes equipment (rock walls, giant swings, giant ladders, zip line etc.) and they gave us a snack as we had couples ‘reflection time’ and then they fed us dinner, dessert and had a great guest speaker.  We both had soooo much fun and we decided we need to be willing to do more of these kinds of things to strengthen our marriage, and to just plain have fun with each other—even if we have to spend a little money to do it. Thanks so much Sandi and Brent!

Check. It. Out.

We started out by trying to figure out how to uncross those ropes without taking them off our wrists. We weren't one of the one's to figure it out on our own...we had some help :).
Then we went inside and made buildings out of noodles, marshmallows, tape and a cup.  We built the Empire State Building, you know, the one in France. :)

Then we did this thing on the ground. We kept taking steps back until we couldn't any more.

Then we did that same thing while balancing 2 feet off the ground on metal wires. Tuck that toosh sister!

Now my dear Watson needs to tuck!

Then I made this awesome face.

We swung on a giant swing.  My dear Watson was doing back flips and front flips like it was nobody's business. He is so brave.

I never quite made it all the way around, and then I felt sick.

I am making sure he can't see for our next game...

Blindfold tag! The men wore blindfolds while their wives spoke to them about which direction they needed to go so they wouldn't get "it".  My dear Watson NEVER got "it". That's because I did an excellent job of pointing where he needed to go.

Then we switched. And I got "it" 3 times.

We did some rock climbing! On his way down my dear Watson made me come off the ground and my hair got stuck in the Gri-Gri.  Haha haha. I had to yank some out. (He's on the left).

I'm a climber!

Then we climbed giant staples on a telephone pole up 30 feet and swung down the zip line.

Couple reflection time.
Then we did something CRAZY! We climbed more giant staples on a telephone pole up 25 ish feet and jumped to our doom.

There was a ring about 10 feet out that we were supposed to grab. I got one foot off the platform and crumbled. But...

My dear Watson grabbed that dang ring! 

Then we climbed the Giant's Ladder. The rungs of the ladder got further apart each time. My dear Watson is lending me a knee, then he has to climb up all by himself.
 After the Giant's Ladder we had Costa Vida while we listened to a lady recommend we keep a "grateful" journal for our spouse. At the end of every day you are supposed to write something down that your spouse did that you're grateful for. I've been doing it because I love how it makes me stop and realize how my husband does something wonderful every single day.


  1. "Empire State Building" hehe you are too funny! I loved the blog! Your the best.

  2. i love the idea of a grateful journal for your spouse!! how fun!!

  3. The whole time I was reading this, I kept thinking, "Well, did they beat the other couples or WHAT?" Maybe that wasn't the point, but I think that's what I would have been doing.


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