Saturday, November 26, 2011

Before & After



After one whole year of saving for and talking about getting a bigger and better's finally here! My dear Watson stood in line at Costco for two hours (in the cold, mind you) to get this baby and we are so excited about it.  Costco didn't print what kind of TV sales they were going to have in their Black Friday ad so we were just going on faith that we'd find something good. We had saved up our money and waited so long that we wanted to make sure we got a GOOD tv for the money we had. I didn't want to buy a knock off brand with poor sound quality from Target just because it was only $200 on Black Friday.  We were at Target at midnight and there was no way we could have got one of those TV's anyway. Crazy people.

It's a 47" Vizio and it was $489.  With tax, we only went $30 over our budget (which we were expecting taxes to do that anyway, so only $30 was great).

Yay for TV's!

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  1. Woot! I'm so happy for you guys - way to go. We'll have to come over and watch a movie with you sometime.


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