Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 My dear Watson and I were the only family from our entire ward to be affected by a recent boundary change in our Stake.  They overlooked it at first when they made the announcement to our ward that we would only be receiving families, not losing.  Bishop paid us a personal visit the next day to let us know of the mistake and that we would be the only family going to a new ward.  I think we were most sad about leaving our callings. I loved teaching the Sunbeams, although utterly exhausting, it brought me a lot of joy.  My dear Watson worked with the Deacons and would miss the opportunities to help them as they develop their testimonies.

I recently saw a mother of one of my sunbeams (one who I was sure never heard a word I said), and she told me that Carson was saying things that she thought I was teaching them in primary. His little sister was touching their mom's glasses and Carson told her not to do that because they are made of glass and would break, and then their mom would be blind from glass in her eyes.  Then he said "but don't worry mom, Jesus would make you not blind again."  Jesus healing the blind man was a story we talked about often in Sunbeams, and his mom said they had never told that story at home. It was a precious moment for me to know that Carson had been touched by that story enough that he remembered it and could say with confidence that Jesus would heal. And I loved his literal application of the story...Jesus would literally make his mom not blind, even today. I think most of us would just liken that story to how Jesus can heal us from pain and sorrow as we struggle through our trials; but Carson's faith was perfect.

That is one of the things I was thinking about as I watched this Mormon message. Am I the only one who cries like a baby when I watch these things, and then every time I think about it throughout the day?  


  1. Abby, I cry through every mormon message I've ever watched. This one was no exception. Did you watch Expressions of Love? That's one of my favorites.

  2. I love to show them for family night. Russell always stares at me like I'm crazy when I start wiping away tears. And, we randomly visited some friends on Sunday and the wife came to the door wiping her eyes. She said, "Oh, don't worry. I've just been watching mormon messages". It made me laugh--hard.

  3. Jon asked me what I was watching while this was playing and I didn't answer him because I knew I couldn't do it without my voice cracking a bunch. Sniff, you're not alone in the crying aspect. ;)


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