Friday, March 30, 2012

Trying to Be Cool

Being around 30 fashion savvy students every day has really made me want to exercise my own fashion sense a little more.

These kids are such fashionistas...every single one of them.   I can't show up to the office in an ugly outfit or I'll be the one with the "great personality". How the heck do these kids afford to be so fashionable?

So, I headed to the thrift stores and stocked up.  I love what I found and nothing was more than $5.

Thrift stores are generally acceptable these days, so hopefully I won't get picked last for the kickball team.

And, I found a couple pairs of pants in my closet that I never wear because they're too baggy or too long.  I made them into skinny pants, and it was so easy and fun. Finally a pair of skinny pants that fit my waist, my monster calves, and are just the right length. Usually the waist is too big because a smaller size that fits better, won't fit over my calves.  That's a serious problem. 

Here they are before and after!


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