Saturday, June 23, 2012

Can't Get Enough Cake

Been making stuff lately.

Trying to copy Costco's All American Chocolate cake (not the way it looks, just the way it tastes). This was for my Dad for Father's Day.  The cake was really rich and delicious. On the inside there are 4 layers with a ganache filling in between each one.  The side things I made by melting chocolate and spreading it thin on a pan, sticking it in the freezer and then breaking it apart and gluing on with frosting.

This was a birthday cake for my nieces (and my father-in-law :)). The inside is 4 layers with blueberry vanilla mousse in between each layer.  I dyed the cake purple and hot pink, so the layers alternate.

See how cute that little Brooke is?  

Jaislyn turned 9!
This was a coconut cream pie I made for a Memorial Day celebration. It was kind of an experiment (I've never made a custard pie before) and it turned out delicious!  I would make this again in heartbeat. The  crust is made out of coconut mixed with butter and baked until golden brown. Then you pour chocolate chips over top and smooth it all around as it melts.  MMMMMMM.   

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  1. Can you put the recipe on your blog for the coconut cream pie, it looks and sounds delicious!


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