Saturday, June 16, 2012

Knee, Knee, Knee

Update on the Knee:

I got an MRI and all it showed was a lot of fluid and adema surrounding the IT band. I decided to take prednisone, an oral anti-inflammatory steroid.  It was the worst 2 weeks ever. I didn't sleep well so I was always tired and had a perma-headache; AND, it made me super emotional.

I've tried all sorts of different patches and creams. I got a TENS unit which sends pulses through my knee and apparently helps reduce inflammation. It's a really uncomfortable feeling.   My athlete friend recommended a local physical therapist/sports medicine guy, so I decided to try him out instead of the doctor I've been seeing.  My first visit they kept saying how tight the IT band was (which is CRAZY because I hadn't done anything more than walk on it for 2 weeks).  They gave me some stretches to do at home and told me to come back in a few days.  Surprisingly, the stretches really work. My pain has decreased significantly and it was a lot less tight when I went in the second time.

The PT told me I can start doing 20 minutes on a stationary bike and mild to moderate intensity--in the saddle the whole time.  I tried it out today and it didn't hurt a bit. I can't believe how just doing the right kind of stretches has made such a difference. Now most of my pain is just below my patella, not at the IT band. I guess that's good and bad.

My dear Watson is doing a 3 week CNA program right now. I see him when he drops me off at work in the morning, and then don't see him again until 10 pm. It's so sad.

Tens Unit: Electro-Stimulus

Sporting my blue PowWow shirt.  I have yellow, red, grey, and green. 

The weird patch I used for awhile. 

At the Physical Therapist. I was a little sad because they just told me how tight I still was. 

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