Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chasing A Box

I think I'm the only person in the world who prefers humid heat over dry heat. Sure, it's hot, even in the shade, but I still think there are more benefits to humidity. Great skin and big hair are among them.

We've been having fun in usual fashion around these parts.

Redd And I went to Smiling Hill Farm this last week. It's basically a petting zoo. It was fun to go into the same stall as the sheep and goats and feed them. The goats were a little greedy though. These are a couple of donkeys....haha, which ones?


BYU Football is hiding a fan box in every state as part of a 50 day countdown to the first game. They hide the box, take a picture and post it to Facebook. First person there wins the box. It's full of BYU swag.  The Maine box happened to be hidden in our city, so we BYU'd up and raced to the box. Unfortunately we were literally 30 seconds late! But at least a sweet 10 year old boy got it... But my dear Watson wanted it reeeeaaaalll bad.

They are going to send us a free t- shirt for trying. Our neighbors came too, just a little behind us. 

This is the Holy Donut, wherein contains the most delectable donuts we've ever had. We're already trying to plan our next outing for another donut. 

Redd and I went to the outlets in Freeport last week with a friend of ours. Freeport is LL Bean headquarters, and this is a giant boot outside their store.

 All dressed up in his Sunday best!

This kid is so much fun. 


  1. We like the humidity much better, too! When we were living in Mississippi and visited Arizona for a week we decided the dry heat was much worse. If I have to be hot, I'd prefer to have supple skin, nails, and hair at the same're not the only one!

  2. That is such a bummer about the box. What a cool idea though. Redd looks so good in his white shirt. I think I love dressing baby boys now than baby girls. :)


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