Monday, August 4, 2014

Lobstah Nightmare

Another eventful week. 

My dear Watson went to the Biddeford campus to study in the cadaver lab, and took us with him. Since we aren't interested in dissected dead human bodies, he dropped us off at the beach. This is called Hills Beach, and is so close to campus that we just walked back when we were done. It was the warmest water I've encountered so far at a beach in Maine. Redd got to wear his favorite hippo hat.

 A couple days later Redd and I spent a couple hours at the Eastern Promenade. It's a beautiful path along the ocean, and we found a bench right on the water to relax on.  

We watched 3 giant trucks and a Ford F150 play Tetris to fit on this small freight ferry. Every time a truck boarded I was sure there wasn't any more space, and then saw another big truck backing on. It was fun to watch

This beanie actually fits him now. As a newborn I had to roll it up. I just thought it was so adorable.

Our good friends the Woolley's came to visit and we showed them around our beautiful city. They fell in love with it, as most people do. Austin was Kam's friend all growing up and is in med school in Cleveland right now.

We took the Woolley's to Portland Lobster Company on Old Port because they wanted to eat Maine lobster. Lucky for us, there were two or three non- seafood things on the menu, so that's what we ordered. We watched the Woolley's crack into their lobsters, and as soon as I saw the green bile-looking stuff inside, I started to get queasy.  When Austin gave me a piece of claw meat to try I put it in my mouth like a boss. But when I bit down and my teeth bounced back instead of biting through, I spit that nasty creature back onto my plate. I had an upset stomach for an hour and I didn't even swallow anything. Turns out, I may never try lobster and I'll definitely have lobster nightmares. 

The picture above is the buzzer that tells us when the food is ready. I thought its lobster shape was super cool.

This past Saturday a man was baptized into our ward. I attended a couple of his lessons and My dear Watson reached out to him when he came to church. To our surprise, he asked my dear Watson to baptize him. It was such an honor.

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