Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Break Week 2

Monday (Aug 11)

We took a ferry to a nearby island called Long Island (not the one in New York). There's absolutely nothing on the island except a beautiful beach and a cafe. It took an hour to get to the island because we made several stops along the way to pick up garbage or drop off mail and freight at other islands. When we reached the island we walked a mile to the beach. It was white sand and beautifully clear water. Then we walked back and ate lunch at the cafe. It was delicious! The man who owns it lives above it during the warm season, then takes off to Florida in the winter. 

On the ferry:

The beach:

That Monday we also had our neighbors over for FHE. Our activity was to make helicopters out of egg cartons and paper. 

Tuesday (Aug 12)
We took a break from fun and grocery shopped instead. We also attended a new member lesson for a recently baptized member. My dear Watson baptized him a couple weeks ago. We learned about the priesthood to prepare him to receive the priesthood this Sunday.

Wednesday (Aug 13)
It rained all day, but that didn't stop us from going out. We did a little hike to great pond in Cape Elizabeth, a neighboring town.  After all .7 miles, We stopped for some delicious Kettle Cove Ice Cream.
Great Pond: Redd is in the Bjorn under my rain jacket.

Thursday (Aug 14)
We went to the Boston Temple. We switched off, so my dear Watson went in first and I hung out witht Redd. Then we switched. It felt good to be in the temple: so much peace. We ate lunch at a little BBQ place, then drove home. We stopped at the Nubble Lighthouse on our way home. It is my favorite so far. We had some wild maine blueberry pie as we watched the waves. 

The temple:

The lighthouse:

A guy feeding seagulls:

Friday (Aug 15)
We went blueberry picking. At $2.50 a pound these babies were the best I've ever tasted. We didn't get enough, that's for sure.  It was just a nearby farm, privately owned. You drive up, get a bucket, then start picking! It was a beautiful day for picking.

That night we went to the Drive-In movies. Ninja Turtles and Hercules. It was an awesome experience. We felt like true Americans.

Saturday (Aug 16)
We visited Higgins Beach. It was pretty windy and chilly, which I wasn't prepared for. I feel lime in order to enjoy the beach on a cold day you need long pants and a sweater. I wore my swimming suit, so...Yeah.

It was an awesome break and I was definitely sad to send my dear Watson back to school this week. He had only been gone an hour on Monday and I had already been teary a couple times. Here's to another semester!

Here's our cutie:


  1. Hey! We're blogging at the same time! Except....I am blogging about what happened last fall. :) Love all the pics of your fun break! That little Redd is too cute!

  2. Nice! What a good week and nice to get a break!!


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