Thursday, October 9, 2014


For some reason I love Sherlock Holmes. I was thinking about it the other day, and I realized there is absolutely nothing to love about his character. No matter what show you're watching (or book you're reading if you do that sort of thing), he's self-centered, impulsive, tactless, and just down right mean. He's basically no bueno.

I decided the reason I love Sherlock Holmes has very little to do with him at all. I love his character only as it is made softer by the one person who could ever penetrate his hard shell: his BFF, Watson. 

Watson brings out the good in Sherlock. He (or she if you're an Elementary fan) possesses an incredible ability to cause Sherlock to think twice about his actions. And Sherlock doesn't think twice about anything. Watson shows us that Holmes does have a heart, does care about being good and does care about helping others. I love Holmes because of his deep-down goodness brought out by Watson. None of us would like Sherlock without Watson.

I just get teary every time a Sherlock character does something subtle to right his wrong after a good lecture from Watson, which he pretended not to hear or care about.

The thing about it is, I feel like we all have our own Watson. It just so happens that mine is actually named Watson. He softens my sharp corners, highlights my good side, continues to love me in spite of my insensitivities. He cools my jets when I'm going crazy, and together we solve all sorts of crime (okay not really crime). I am a much better person because of him.

Here's to wishing my dear Watson a very happy birthday. You're my everything babe, and we're gonna make it. 


  1. You guys are awesome! Happy Birthday, Kameron :)
    - Tyler and Tatch

  2. That was beautiful Abby! You two were made for each other:) Or should I say, "MFEO". . .CJ would approve of my cool acronym.

  3. I just got caught up on your blog! I loved this one - you drew a fabulous parallel and paid a great compliment to Kam.


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