Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Think His Tractor's Sexy

Yesterday my dear Watson got to ride his grandpa's 1940 tractor in the Heber City Parade. I wasn't allowed to ride with him and I searched and searched for rollerblades so I could ride along side him. I couldn't find any so I had to admit defeat and just watch the parade from the side lines. He looked extremely handsome in his cowboy hat so the view from the bench wasn't that bad. He did circles and showed off his mad tractor skills. The parade was actually kind of boring. Most everyone was quiet, no one waved and no one cheered. At least they handed out popcicles. I love being in Heber though. It's small town fun.


  1. Good thing you were at the parade because you've always been a great cheerer! Way to be a good example for the quiet folk.

    I finally clued into the fact that you have a new blog now that you have a new last name :). You and Cameron are so darling and seem so happy. I'm thrilled for you. I love how you use "my dear watson" - it's lovely. Watson would be a solid boy's name - not for you though because then his name would be Watson Watson. That would be funny.

  2. How does Kameron feel about the whole "my dear watson" thing? I mean, it was a man who said it to another man in the literary sense.


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