Thursday, August 5, 2010



This is Jenny with her cool African braids straight from Africa. I think she looks awesome. She's cutting a special cake I made for her.

These are cookies with cockroaches in them. If you ever get a cookie from Jenny, make sure you look inside them before you bite. She likes to hid things like pennies or little plastic men. She didn't make these cookies, but they were made in honor of her.

This is the above mentioned special cake. It's in the shape of GEORGIA can you tell? Once upon a time I made her a Sponge Bob cake and it was amazing. This Georgia cake is less amazing, but it was good enough. She cut it the pieces like the counties in Georgia and everyone just ate with their fingers.

My best friend Jenny went to Africa a few days after I got married. When she came home she stuck around for like 4 days and then she went to Georgia. She's not coming back from Georgia though. She's going to show off her crazy math skills at University of Georgia (abbreviated UGA for University of Georgia A?). It's in Athens, Georgia not Athens GREECE. I'm really sad about her leaving, especially because I'm not sure when our circumstances will bring us back together in the same state. That's okay though, it will give us excuses to go on girl only vacations just to hang out with each other.

My dear Watson is going to Missouri next Friday for a quick weekend trip. His dear friend and long time investigator, Phil, has finally decided to get baptized. We visited him when we went out there in May and I was so impressed by his kindness and generosity. He is almost 80 I think, but quick witted and always good for an interesting story. We both thought it was really important for Kameron to be there, for some reason Phil just attached to Kameron more than most other missionaries. He really loves him. When Kam told him he was coming he cried. I'm happy my dear Watson gets to go, but I'm jealous I can't go with him. Oh well, someday I'll take a trip to Athens all by myself to see my Jenny B.F. UGA! UGA! UGA! (I wonder if you pronounce that YouGay).


  1. Those cookies are killing me!

  2. I think Sarah needs a special package from Georgia, don't you, Abby? And this is a lovely post! I love you, bf! Call you soon.


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