Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nail Disaster

The Wednesday before my wedding (which was on a Saturday) I made a last minute decision to get my nails done. Acrylic nails look much prettier than normal nails, so even though I hate them, I decided to do it. I DEFINITELY wasn't going to pay full price for them though, $25-$30 is way too much to pay for something you hate. I called up Marinello School of Beauty (used to be Bon Losee) and I made an appointment. When I arrived I had to sign a paper that said "I realize this is a student and whatever she is doing to me might not look that great." How bad could acrylic nails look, right? I totally wasn't worried--my mom has been doing her own acrylic nails for years, so I figured this girl who has had training would do a good enough job.

As she begun filing away my nails and all the skin around my nails I started to get nervous. I watched her put the fake tips on my nails and file them unevenly. I thought she would just be getting around to that later but she never did. She slopped on the acrylic, made it two to three times as thick as it's supposed to be and then continued to file unevenly. The end product looked really great if you were standing 100 feet away. Any closer and you could see every bit of the disaster. They were lifting in some places, way too thick and extremely uneven. Oh well I thought, you won't be able to tell in the pictures. I was planning to rip them off as soon as I could after the reception.

I wrote Kameron a song on my guitar that I was planning to play at the luncheon. When I sat down to practice with my acrylics it was hopeless. I couldn't play the guitar with those beastly things on my nails. The next day, 2 days before my wedding, I decided to rip them off. I looked up how to do it online and it said to soak in acetone for a long time and then start peeling them off, soak again, and peel again. So that's what I did. The nail ruiner girl filed and cut the skin around my nails so soaking in acetone was an excruciating process. Mom was on one hand and Kameron on the other with nail pliers ripping and digging and cutting the nail. It felt like someone had shut a door on my hands, burned them and cut them with knives. It was the worst feeling. Fortunately, they got them all off, my nails didn't look that bad underneath, and I could play my guitar. I filed and buffed and put fingernail polish on so you couldn't see imperfections. Moral of the story: don't get acrylic nails, but if you must, pay the extra money to get them done by a professional. You can kind of see the nails in this picture. I like them much better than the fake ones.

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