Sunday, February 9, 2014


A little over 9 years ago my SIL and her husband needed a place to live. Jan and Harold Paulsen offered their 'farm' - some property they had down by the freeway connected to Harold's fencing business. A little 2 bedroom office-turned-into-house with a big front yard and an awful crab apple tree. 

The house was so great that after my SIL moved out, her brother and his wife moved in.  Then after several more years, it was our turn.  I guess the Paulsen's just couldn't get enough of the Watson blood.

The Paulsen's are just like that though.  Harold Paulsen, 77, was down here almost every day just 'puttering around' as he used to say.  He would move things around in his garage, prepare the garden, mow our lawn, or just help his son with some of the fencing business work....anything he could do to keep busy.

We kept our eye on Harold during his days down at our place. He was an old man who could outwork a 23 year old any day.  He was kind and gentle and believed fiercely in hard work. He loved his kids, his property, his grand kids, 4 wheeling, his wife and Disneyland. He was one of the best men we've ever met. He was like a grandpa to us.

He passed away 2 weeks ago due to an aortic dissection. He dealt with 3 types of cancer and a stroke in the last 16 years, but was still working hard right up until a few days before he died.

Harold was a man who loved to serve. Whatever he had, he was willing to share it with others.  If he could help, he would; he never held back.  We benefited immensely from his generosity. This home has been an incredible blessing to us - not just financially (he gave us a big discount on rent), but on all other levels that matter as well. We love it here, nasty crab apple tree and all, and we feel sad about leaving it.

Things at the farm aren't the same without him. We miss him. I don't think Harold ever knew just how much he meant to us, so I'm excited to be able to tell him when I see him again. We leave our little house, Harold's farm, in April and it feels good knowing we're leaving it to one of Harold's grand kids. It was a privilege for us to be hear for 3.5 years, but it will finally be in the right hands. Finally one of the Paulsens can benefit from this home instead of one of the Watsons.

Thank you Harold and Jan and all the Paulsen kids for letting us stay at the farm!

This is Jan and Harold on 'old red' right outside the house before it looked like the picture below.  When I saw this picture it made a lot more sense to me why they call this place 'the farm'.

This is the house now.

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