Thursday, February 20, 2014


We visited my sister and her family in ABQ, New Mexico last weekend. It's funny how a 9 hour drive really didn't feel that bad. We loved hanging out with my sister's family. My dear Watson got all sorts of cuddles from the twins and several of the other younger kids. He's always everyone's favorite :). 

We went on a hike (Tent Rocks), did some shopping, and ate delicious food. Scott treated us to a green chile breakfast burrito from Blake's Lotaburger. We liked it better than Betos. 

Sarah gave us a bag full of baby boy clothes and a few toys and other random things. My dear Watson just keeps shaking his head wondering where we're ever going to fit all this stuff.  I did a pretty good job of hiding most of it in nooks and cranny's.  It's only going to get worse though and I'm going to run out of nooks and cranny's real quick.

Tent Rocks

Us and the kids (minus one of the twins who was already down for a nap).

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