Sunday, March 2, 2014

Maine Prep

I'm very grateful to say that everything seems to be falling into place for us as we prepare for our move to another planet (Maine).  About a month ago my dear Watson posted on the Facebook page for his graduating class of PA students that he was looking for places to live for his family, did any one have an suggestions?  A few days later a girl messaged him that her apartment would be great for our family.  She described it: 2 bedrooms, 1 mile from campus, rent under $1000/month (cheapest we had seen), oh, and the next door neighbors are from Utah. In fact, she said, they're LDS if that means anything to you.  

WHAT? How the heck did we find a place cheap, close to campus AND that had another LDS couple in it? It turns out, there are actually 3 LDS couples in the complex and one of them, our soon to be next door neighbors, is my dear Watson's 3rd cousin (their grandparents are cousins). 

The girl who messaged us is leaving at the end of April and we plan to take over her place when we get there end of May.  Boom! I couldn't believe it.  It means we don't have to send my dear Watson out there to find us a place to live!  We've been in touch with our 3rd cousin/soon to be neighbor over there and they love the place, so we're just doing it. 

We are renting a big ole' truck for my dear Watson and his dad to drive and tow our car behind.  We decided to sell most of our big furniture and check the thrift stores in Maine when we get there to find cheap stuff.  Couch, kitchen table and desk were our biggest concerns.

This same girl who messaged us about the apartment sent a message the other day that she was willing to leave her couch, kitchen table and desk in the apartment for us if we were interested. She'd sell them to us real cheap and they'd just be waiting for us when we got there.

Um. HECK YES! Can you believe it? We didn't even mention any of our furniture concerns or needs to her; it just happened!  This girl has been an answer to so many of our prayers.  She was originally going to be in the same program as my dear Watson, but has since accepted a spot at a different university so we may never get to meet her in person. Our 3rd cousin/soon to be neighbor really likes her and has been a great friend to her it seems.

Now all we have to figure out is how to get baby to come healthy, but soon enough that we could all be together as a family when my dear Watson starts classes. That doesn't leave us much wiggle room for him to come past his due date so....yeah....hoping that all works out too :).

This is what the apartment looks like from the outside. Somehow they snapped a picture on the one sunny day in Maine. There are 4 apartments in each little unit. Big front yard!

This is a map of the area. The Red dot is the apartment, green dot is my dear Watson's school (1.1 miles). The yellow circle is going to be my favorite walking/running route. 3.63 miles around the entire cove. The Pink star at the bottom is church (about 20 minutes away). And yes, all that blue stuff on the right is THE OCEAN.


  1. For the record, I have been reading your blog every week! I need to get caught up on mine. This is fun to see a map of your life and a picture of your apartment. And SO COOL about the furniture stuff! That girl is awesome.
    Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  2. Wow! This is amazing. I never cease to be amazed when things work out better than ever imagined. Miracles do happen! What a great adventure you'll be having in Maine. This sounds like our year in Mississippi. We were close to the ocean and far from the church and it was so different from what we were used to. We loved our time there and wouldn't trade our experiences for anything. Good luck with all the planning! You guys are awesome!


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