Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I crave adventure. When I was in College my life was organized by  4  month semesters. With each semester came some kind of change – new apartment, new roommates, new ward, new classes, new schedule. A change every 4 months satisfied my craving for adventure. It also ingrained in my mind that every 4 months something should change. Now, approximately every 4 months my mind starts naturally aching for an adventure.  Let’s move out of state, better yet, let’s go visit a different country for 3 or 4 months.  The problem is, I’m no longer in college and my life is no longer organized by 4 month semesters. It’s organized by 8 hour days, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.  I can’t go anywhere for longer than a week because I don’t have enough Vacation days, and we can’t pick up and move because of school and work.

Sometimes I need to do something different than our normal routine, and if I don’t… I might explode. That’s why this weekend I planned an adventure. Vegas was out because we needed to be back on Sunday to teach our Sunbeams. Next best thing: Kamas, UT.  I looked at a map of Utah and picked a few small towns I’ve never visited. Kamas was the winner. We drove to Kamas to find a small town diner where we could eat lunch. Gateway Grille is what we found and I had the most wonderful sandwich that was as tall as 3 of my mouth. On our way home we stopped at Park City and cruised Main Street. Our 1994 Corolla enjoyed the company of cars that were 2 years old or newer – just babies compared to our timeless moving terd (as my dear Watson likes to call it). We went into several fun shops and kept our eyes peeled for famous people. We missed the Sundance Film Festival by a week though so we didn’t see anyone famous, just a bunch of boring millionaires in mink coats instead. 

We went into a hot sauce store that sold all sorts of spicy sauces.  When I saw the name of the store I thought it was called Function Hot. As soon as I started reading the labels on the hot sauce bottles I realized that the name “Fn Hot” was not short for Function Hot.  Kick Butt Rib Rub, and other slightly naughtier names for the hot sauces gave it away. We didn’t spend very much time in that store but we had a good laugh at my initial naivete. 

We had a grand adventure!

Ice Fishers!

The chairs at the diner had cow-hide backs.

HUGE! And that's only 1/2 of it. 

The Gateway Grille in Kamas.

Park CITY!

Oh, and this is our New Year's celebration. I look like I have a mustache


  1. That sandwich looks amazing! i am so hungry right now!

  2. Holy. Moley. That sandwich looks incredible! How far is it from Logan to Kamas? Could I make it back before Sam's home from school?

  3. Everyone seems to be in LOVE with that sandwich, but what about ME?!?!? haha jk. :)

  4. How does Joe feel about you having two husbands?

    I don't want to marry the sandwich. I only want to devour it like an animal! Man it looks like heaven.

  5. Way to make an awesome adventure you two!

    Glad to hear the transition from 4 month semesters to no semesters was an adjustment for someone else too. We just may copy your itinerary one of these days. Thanks for the details!


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