Thursday, January 27, 2011


Ahhhh! Just hours after I posted about Jimmer, we had our very own JIMMERSIGHTING!  He was just hanging out with Jackson Emery at the SAME Costa Vida in Provo as my dear Watson and me.  My dear Watson went up to them and said, "Jackson, sick dunk," and, "Jimmer, you're freakin amazing." He got their autographs and now it is framed in our house. They were really nice. They are just normal guys, and Jimmer's even kinda dorky :).  He was wearing ugly shoes.


  1. Oh man! I know nothing about this Jimmer fella, but I sure think he's cool. Did you read in the article where the guy said "who names their kid Jimmer?". I thought that was funny. The fact that his name is weird just makes him cooler though....even though I thought it was his last name at first. Anyway, I guess if you're good at basketball it doesn't matter what your name is. Yea for Costa Vida.

  2. Only you would notice his shoes.


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