Saturday, January 1, 2011

Homemade with Love

My dear Watson and I hand made gifts for our moms for Christmas this year.  I wanted to make my mom some cute covers for her Ipad. So I did. My dear Watson helped me figure out the basic logistics of the design and then I just gave it a go.  I borrowed my mother-in-law's sewing machine and my mom's too. I just told her I needed her machine and she needed to leave.  It was really fun. I made 4 and each one is designed a little differently. I enjoyed sewing and now I have a big long list of sewing projects I'd like to do. I don't have a machine though so the other day I hand sewed one of the things on my list. Just a simple little make-up bag, it didn't take too long.  I guess part of the gift was that I actually sewed something. My mom loves to sew and now so do I!

All 4 Ipad covers

My favorite fabric (I LOVE owls).

For my mother-in-law we made a birthday board. We got the idea from my sister-in-law who made one for my parents a few years ago.  We had to adapt the design a bit because we couldn't find the exact materials my sister-in-law used, but trying to work out all the kinks was the best part about making the gift. We thought it turned out really great.

The letters stand for each month in the year. We screwed little hooks under each letter and then hung the little circles below from the hook according to the month of each persons birthday.

Girls were pink, boys green. I wrote the name and their birthday along with the year on the side. My sister-in-law used  wooden gingerbread boys so they looked like actual people, but we could find any that were the right size, so we went with circles.

My mom made all the kids calendars this year and she used a little vinyl rub-on kit. She had a lot of extra rub-on pictures for each month so we used those to add character to the board. 


  1. Abby--your ipad covers were so cute! I love to sew too--it always feels so good to actually create something.

  2. Now I want an ipad, just so I can have you make me a cute cover! Kudos for making such cool presents!

  3. The iPad covers are so stinkin cute! My favorite is the owl one too!

    And that birthday board is such a great idea! Maybe I could do handmade gifts if mine would turn out as great as yours....


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