Thursday, January 27, 2011


Read this article about last night’s BYU vs. SDSU game on CBS Sports: (just scroll down to the bottom and look at the pregnant girl).
The pregnant girl in the picture at the bottom of the article is my friend Chelsy from work. Her baby was due yesterday but she went to the game anyway….and still no baby. She’s at work today and we’re all amazed about how famous she is now. She even got her picture with JIMMER!!!!  AmAzing! Apparently there was a guy from NIKE who also took Chelsy’s picture. He’s trying to get the company to start printing Jimmer shirts for all the crazy BYU fans, so he was taking pictures all night long.  There were a lot of really funny signs at the game (my dear Watson went and reported). My favorite was the big one that says Jim-Jimmery-Jim-Jimmery- Jim-Jim-Ja Roo.  Or the big giant Jimmer head pictured in the Deseret News…or how about the one that says Jimmer Fredette University?  This Jimmer craze is sooo fun! All of these pictures are from KSL and the Deseret News!

This one is awesome!

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  1. I'm going to pretend I know who Jimmer is, and now I'm going to pretend I know Chelsy too, so I can be sort of famous.


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