Saturday, May 14, 2011

Washington D.C.

I love vacations. Most of the time when I go on vacation I say it’s nice to be gone but nice to come home; not this time. I did not want to come home.  Washington D.C. was so cool. We walked the same path as some of the most influential people in American History.  It almost felt like I already knew the city well because of all the movies I’ve seen that were filmed in D.C.

Day One:

Take Metro into the city, White House Tour, Union Station, Lunch, Natural History Museum, American History Museum, National Archives, Ford’s Theater, Dinner, Take the Metro back to Branch Ave and drive to Rob and Tina’s in Lusby, Maryland.

This was our expensive transportation day because it was a weekday which meant we had to pay for parking. We also had to travel during a peak rush hour time in the morning which they charge you extra for. We waited around in D.C. until 7:00 pm when the other peak rush hour time ended so we could save a little money on the way home.

My favorite museum was the American History. I loved seeing the flag that inspired Frances Scott Key to write the Star Spangled Banner, and the dresses worn by all the First Lady’s at the Inaugural Ball.

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution were AWESOME! I saw John Hancock’s John Hancock!

Dinner was at a place called Austin’s Grill. Tex-Mex, and kind of nasty.  Our weird waitress told us that they offer a free Queso dip to all their first time customers. Of course when we heard free we said bring it on.  I asked her if there were any beans in the dip because my dear Watson is allergic. She said no and brought us the dip a few minutes later.  We tried two chips worth and thought it tasted gross—like melted Kraft Singles or something.  She comes back a few minutes later and the first thing she says is “But it is made with our Picadilly Beer”  I don’t know if she said Picadilly but something that sounded like that.  I was shocked. My dear Watson smelled it and sure enough, we could smell the beer. It probably wasn’t cooked out either, just poured in. I was surprised she didn’t say anything before because people with religious and moral standards are not the only people who can’t have alcohol. I’m sure there wasn’t much beer in the dip and we had a good laugh after the initial shock wore off.

I'll post more pics later!

Inside Union Station

Outside Union Station

That's THE Capitol in the background.

Archive building behind me. It was my favorite building as far as architecture. So Greek.

Ford's Theatre (where Lincoln was shot)
Outside the Natural History museum.

I'm there, kind of small at the top. National Archives again. 


  1. I love the way you color coordinated your jacket with Kameron's shoes. It's good to do that sort of thing on a vacation so you don't get lost.

  2. What a awesome vacation. Thanks for posting pics. I would love to go there someday!

  3. I am so jealous right now! I'm glad you got to go on vacation. You and Kameron deserve a break!


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