Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why is all the Spring Gone?

I am SO ready for Spring. Heck, I'll even skip right to the 100+ degree Summer for crying out loud. No more rain. No more tornadoes. No more snow. I'm ready to move to St. George. 

We had Stake Conference last weekend. I really enjoyed the Saturday night adult session. A woman played Joseph Smith's First Prayer on the piano and it was absolutely beautiful.  I closed my eyes and saw the last 3 years of my life flash before me. I only saw the good stuff. I realized just how much Heavenly Father has blessed me with, and it made me more grateful. The blessing I feel most grateful for in the past 3 years is that I got to marry my dear Watson. Happy 11 months tomorrow honey! 

Our last bunch of pics from  D.C.
Up close at the Capitol

The tiny Washington Monuement

The White House.

The Reflecting Pool at the Lincoln Memorial is being renovated so it was completely drained. I was so sad.

Vietnam War Memorial. When we walked up to the memorial everyone was so quiet and respectful. It almost felt reverent. Neat.
Isn't it beautiful? I was most excited to see the Lincoln Memorial. He was my favorite.

Jefferson Memorial off in the distance.

World War II Memorial -- look at the cool sky!

The ghost's on the Korean War Memorial

See? No reflecting pool. :(. Ugly.


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  1. 1. Your hair is so LONG!!
    2. Triche recently nicknamed Lincoln "The Babe-raham" and I thought you might like that.
    3. I'm in Logan right now! I'll be coming to Provo soon, so get ready . . .


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