Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Life as a Fashion Designer

I found this amazing blog by a lady named Kristina J. who designs and makes her own dresses. For some reason her dresses are soooo inspiring to me! I feel like I'm a fashion designer all of a sudden. SO, I have been having a lot of fun creating my own outfits on this cool website. Check out my garb! (Yes, I did just say garb....why does that make me think of Strong Bad?)

Just a few casual outfits. I LOVE those pink corduroy Toms. The teal shoes were priced at $1,297. That's a little out of my price range...in fact, they better have diamonds in them for that price.


This is my secret wish. If I ever have a reason to wear sparkle from head to toe...I SO will. I LOVE SPARKLE

Orange and Yellow
This one is my favorite. I love the handbag the most! The boot option only works if you are a one-legged person. Where'd the other boot go?
Floral Dress
I'm not sure I could pull this outfit off. I wanted to do something a little weird though, and I think it turned out pretty weird.

I wish I could snap my fingers and these outfits would appear in my closet!  That would be a really cool super power. It would probably help me fight off bad guys because I could just snap a bunch of outfits in front of their face. Maybe a zipper from something would poke the bad guy in the eye...and voila! I saved the world.

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