Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sage Advice from a Wisewoman

Check out my new recipe of the week. It will make you a very happy, delicious dinner...and it's super easy. 

I went to a Relief Society dinner last night. First activity in my new ward. You know what? I had better, more meaningful conversations with the women at my table in just one night than I ever had in a whole year of my other ward. I really feel like I made some friends.

During our dinner we had a visit from the Three Wisewomen (just 3 ladies from the ward).  We wrote down some questions and had them answered by our Wisewomen.  Let me share some of the advice we received from one Wisewoman in particular. I don't know her name, but she was quite older (in her 70's probably), and boy did she have a sense of humor.

Q: My kids are picky eaters, how do I get them to eat more vegetables?
A: Pay them.  Pay them for eating their food, particularly the vegetables. Then, when they come to dinner the next night, have a menu out that breaks down the prices of each piece of the meal...and charge them for the food they want.  5 cents for orange juice, 10 cents for dessert.  You get the point.


Q: How do I make my kids stop fighting all the time?
A: Give em'  a pair of boxing gloves and tell them to 'have at it!'  She told a story about her boys who were fighting constantly, so she gave each one of them a stick and told them to 'have at it'. They just stared at her like she was crazy. She prodded them some more, so they gave each other a light whack, then dropped the stick and went off to play with each other.


Anyway, I just thought she was so funny. You could tell she never takes herself too seriously and is willing to just laugh her way through difficult things.

Stay tuned for our Christmas Photo Shoot session......coming soon!

I love this I Am a Mormon video. Another person who can just laugh himself through difficult things.


  1. I love this post! I'm so glad that you feel welcomed in your new ward. I will remember these wisewomen's words of advice!

  2. I hope I'm witty like that when I am 70! BTW, since you put these Mormon Moments I watched them with the kids and they are so touching. Thanks for sharing. Also, I love your new blog look. I'm going to have to have you show me how you do your tabs in the header. So cool.

  3. What a great video - I love hearing the french. And Lily isn't old enough yet for the paying thing to work. She was pretty upset tonight when we'd slip a spoon of spinach in with the food she liked.


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