Sunday, February 5, 2012

I had a Dream About You, Mitt

The other night I had a dream that I was in Washington D.C. listening to Mitt Romney give a speech on what looked like the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. There were hundreds of people there.  Mitt finished his speech and started coming down the stairs. I started going up the stairs and pretty soon was going to get to shake his hand. No one else was around, so I knew he was going to shake MY hand.  As I got closer to him I realized I was still wearing my retainer (which I sleep with every night) and I thought it would be embarrassing to shake his hand and smile with an ugly retainer in my mouth. So, right before I shook his hand I reached up and took my retainer out and put it in my pocket.  A lot of times when I take my retainer out a little bit of slobber comes with it, like a string, and this case was no exception. I'm sure Mitt saw me do all this before he shook my hand, but he shook it anyway and smiled handsomely, and moved on.

That was nice of you Mitt, I really appreciate it. Romney for President 2012.

My dear Watson got me a sparkly shirt for Christmas (at my request) and this is what it does when I'm sitting in the car with the sun shining through:

Isn't that sooooooo cool? Sparkles rock.

Well, I'm off to make pretzel bites for our Super Bowl celebration. Can't wait for lil' smokies!

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  1. I forgot to comment on was funny! And I love my sparkly shirt for that reason as well.


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